Personal Drop Bar Fat Bike - Var A (Model year: 2018)

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Personal Drop Bar Fat Bike - Var A
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Drop bar bike with 24x4" tires (also clears 26x3", 27.5x2.5", and 29x1.8" tires). Paragon rocker dropouts, compatible with QR and TA axles. Several different variants were considered. The following describes Variant A. Boost-spaced rear sliders, compatible with 148mm TA and 141mm QR hubs. Can use regular 142mm TA and 135mm QR hubs with spaced inserts. Drive side offset of 13mm. Bottom bracket is 83mm BSA. Fork may be selected to accept any of the four standards listed for the rear. Designed to work with 1x11 and IGH drivetrains. Limited BB options for mix of shell width and necessary chainline (low 60mm). Unsuited for existing IG BB. Offset makes dishing the reverse of dishing on typical 135mm rear hubs.

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Variant A2: As variant A, but the bottom bracket shell is 100mm BSA. Designed to work with a wider range of cranksets (including some IG cranks), with the sacrifice being a wider q-factor.

Variant A3: As variant A, but the bottom bracket shell is 83mm T47. Designed to work with a wide range of cranksets, through use of a range of bottom brackets and adapters, including some with narrow q-factors.

Variant B: As variant A2, but the drive side offset of 17.5mm.  Designed to work with multiple chainrings.  Offset leads to highly asymmetric wheels. Favors asymmetric rims, which are less common (particularly for the narrower rims of the larger wheel options), reversed in the rear to move the spoke holes against the offset.

Variant C: Rear sliders spaced as typical (4") fat bike, to be compatible with 177mm TA and 170mm QR hubs.  Bottom bracket is 100mm BSA.  Fork designed around 142mm TA standard.  Designed to work with most external drivetrains, but not most IGH (Rohloff being the notable exception).  Front and rear hubs may not be swapped.

3.5" tire bike (24' or 26") - 141mm rear (with 135mm option), offset 5mm (or slightly more) to simulate 150mm, and a 73mm bb shell (83mm if necessary; 57mm chain line)

26x4" drop bar bike (longer front center, from larger HTA and higher offset; longer CS; larger BB drop: not as functional)

HED Big Aluminium Deal rim (507x76) with Chao Yang Big Daddy 24x4" tires (W107021)

Var A and A3 only

Race Face Next SL (Next R, Turbine) cranks with RF149 spindle (spider or DM ring depends on necessary CL; DM flipped in this case; 183mm q-factor min) 

Var A2-B-C

Surly Mr Whirly (O.D.) crankset (197mm q-factor)




BB386 (cartridge bearings for 30mm spindle with 86mm wide outside spacing)
BB392 (same as BB386, but 92mm wide)


24mm spindle BB30 adaptors

T47 (threaded BB30)


Use a shell for T47
Width of 83mm

Special T47 BB for cranks wider than 83mm (probably to 100mm; uses outboard bearings, longer threads, and spacers)
Adapters for BSA 83+ (useful for unusual cranks with integrated BBs built for BSA shells)