TRANSLATION_CREDIT=Translated into your language by: your name here FILE=File Version=Version OPEN_BCAD=Open design from BCAD file BIKE=Bike RIDER=Rider OPENRECENTBCAD=Open recent BCAD file SAVE=Save SAVE_AS=Save As EXPORTCSV=Export building specs (in CSV file) EXPORTBITMAP=Export Bitmap (BMP, JPG, PNG) EXPORTDXF=Export DXF EXPORTSVG=Export SVG EXPORTPDF=Export PDF EXPORT_MITRE_TEMPLATE=Export miter template (PDF) MITERS=Miters WALL_THICKNESS=Wall thickness TOP=Top BOTTOM=Bottom LEFT=Left RIGHT=Right BOTTOMBRACKET=Bottom bracket PRINT=Print OK=OK CANCEL=Cancel IMAGEFORMAT=Image format IMPORTPHOTO=Import photo IMAGESIZE=Image size IMAGEofCURRENTview=Image of current view SCALEDIMAGEofCURRENTview=Scaled image of current view SCALEDIMAGEofBIKE=Scaled image of bike VIEW=View REFIT=Refit LOCKSCALE=Lock scale LOCKFRAME=Frame is locked while changing wheels or fork. FRAMEUNLOCKED=Frame is unlocked LOCKFRAME_HANDLEBARS_SADDLE=Frame, saddle clamp and handlebar clamp are locked while changing wheels or forks. ANIMATE=Animate CROSSHAIRS=Crosshairs CENTERLINES=Centerlines STAYS_AUXILIARY_VIEW=Stays (auxiliary view) PHOTO=Photo HEADSET=Headset TOE_OVERLAP=Toe overlap DIMS=Dimensions DIMENSION=Dimension TEXTSIZE=Text size SMALL=Small MEDIUM=Medium LARGE=Large XLARGE=Extra Large DISPLAY=Display SELECTALL=Select all UNSELECT=Unselect all CHAINSTAYLENGTH=Chain stay length CHAINSTAYLENGTH2=Chain stay length CHAINSTAYLENGTH_TWO=Chain stay length 2 BLADE_WIDTH=Blade width TIP_DIAMETER=Tip diameter FORKLENGTH=Fork length FORKLENGTHminusSAG=Fork length (minus sag) FORKOFFSETrake=Fork offset (rake) FRAME=Frame FRONTCENTER=Front center FRONTCENTERdistance=Front center distance HANDLEBARfromBB_X=Handlebar from BB (X) HANDLEBARfromBB_Y=Handlebar from BB (Y) HANDLEBARfromBB_Direct=Handlebar from BB (Direct) HEADTUBEBOTTOMX=Head tube bottom (X) HEADTUBEBOTTOMY=Head tube bottom (Y) HEADTUBEBOTTOM_DIRECT=Head tube bottom (Direct) ALTERNATIVE_TOP_TUBE=Alternative top tube measurement SEATTUBEMITER_TO_BOTTOM_EDGE_OF_TOPTUBE=Seat tube miter to bottom edge of top tube BB_TO_TOPTUBE_HEADTUBE_JUNCTION=BB to top tube - head tube junction BB_TO_LOWER_EDGE_OF_TOPTUBE_AT_HEADTUBE=BB to lower edge of top tube at head tube junction SEATTUBE_TOPTUBE_JUNCTION_TO_DOWNTUBE_HEADTUBE_JUNCTION=Seat tube - top tube junction to head tube - down tube junction SEATSTAY_TOPJOINT_ANGLE=Seat stay top joint angle SEATSTAY_MITER_ANGLE=Seat stay miter angle TOPTUBEFRONTMITER=Top tube front miter angle TOPTUBEREARMITER=Top tube rear miter angle DOWNTUBEFRONTMITER=Down tube front miter angle DOWNTUBEREARMITER=Down tube rear miter angle SADDLE_HEIGHT_OFF_GROUND=Saddle height off ground HANDLEBAR_HEIGHT_OFF_GROUND=Handlebar height off ground HANDLEBAR_HEIGHT_OFF_GROUND_END=Handlebar height off ground (handlebar end) VERTICAL=vertical HORIZONTAL=horizontal FIT_ADVISOR=Fit advisor MALE=Male FEMALE=Female APPLY_TO_BIKECAD_MODEL=Apply to BikeCAD model CALCULATE=Calculate LOCKCROSSHAIRS=Lock crosshairs FIT_SCHEME=Fit scheme IMAGE_FILE=Image file RECOMMENDED_SIZING=Recommended sizing IS_BASED_ON_FORMULA=is based on formula MULTIPLICATION_SYMBOL=\u00d7 HEADTUBEBOTTOM_HJX=Head tube bottom (Henry James X) HEADTUBEBOTTOM_HJY=Head tube bottom (Henry James Y) HEADTUBE_TOPTUBE_JUNCTION_TO_TOP_OF_HEADTUBE=Head tube - top tube junction to top of head tube HEADTUBE_DOWNTUBE_JUNCTION_TO_BOTTOM_OF_HEADTUBE=Head tube - Down tube junction to bottom of head tube DECIMAL_PLACES=Decimal places IN_INCREMENTS_OF=Presented in increments of UNCHECK_TO_APPROXIMATE=Uncheck to let BikeCAD approximate M2MTOPofSEATtoTIPofMITER=Top face of seat tube to tip of BB miter M2MTOPofSEATtoDOWNTUBEintersection=Top face of seat tube to down tube intersection DOWNTUBE_BOTTOM_EDGE=Down tube bottom edge INSEAM=Inseam RIDERCOMPARTMENT=Rider compartment COCKPIT=Cockpit SADDLEHEIGHT=Saddle height SADDLESETBACK=Saddle setback SADDLETIPtoCLAMP=Saddle tip to clamp SADDLETOHANDLEBARREACH=Saddle to handlebar reach SADDLETOHANDLEBARREACH2=Saddle to handlebar reach 2 SADDLETOHANDLEBARREACH_H=Saddle to handlebar reach (Horizontal) SETBACK=Setback STANDOVERHEIGHT=Standover height STANDOVERHEIGHT_FRONT=Standover height (front) STANDOVERHEIGHT_REAR=Standover height (rear) TOPTUBELENGTHeffective=Top tube length (effective) TOPTUBELENGTHeffectiveSEATANGLE=Seat angle to Top tube length (effective) TRAIL=Trail (Ground) WHEELBASE=Wheelbase HELP=Help BIKECADFAQ=BikeCAD FAQ SECONDARYFAQ=BikeCAD forum SECONDARYURL= ABOUT=About ZOOM=Zoom ANIMRATE=Animation Rate PRIMARYDIMS=Primary dimensions SEATANGLE=Seat angle HEADANGLE=Head angle SEATANGLE2=Seat angle HEADANGLE2=Head angle SEATTUBE_Center_to_Center=Seat tube length (c-c) SEATTUBE_Center_to_Top=Seat tube length (c-t) SEATTUBELENGTH=Seat tube length SEATTUBELENGTH_EFFECTIVE=Seat tube length (effective) SEATTUBE_TOOLTIP=Define the seat tube length by
center to center or center to top FRONTCENTER_TOOLTIP=Use one of these six pairs of options to control the length of the front end EFFECTIVETOPTUBELENGTH=Effective top tube length TOPTUBEANGLE=Top tube angle HEADTUBELENGTH=Head tube length BBdrop=BB drop BBdropFront=BB drop (from front axle) BBheight=BB height BBtooltip=Use either BB drop or BB height
to control bottom bracket position. LENGTHofSEATPOSTexposed=Length of seatpost exposed DROPOUTSPACING=Rear dropout
spacing DROPOUTSPACING2=Rear dropout spacing (CS) DROPOUTSPACING3=Rear dropout spacing (SS) CUSTOM=Custom STANDARD=Standard MTB=MTB ROAD=Road TRACK=Track DROPOUTtooltip=Choose from standard dropout spacings
or select custom for unique value. TIREDIAMETER=Tire \u00F8 STEERINGANGLE=Steering
angle REARWHEEL=Rear wheel FRONTWHEEL=Front wheel WHEELS=Wheels SADDLE=Saddle LENGTH=Length THICKNESS=Thickness ANGLE=Angle FOREANDAFT=Fore and aft HEADSETandSPACERS=Headset and spacers SPACERS=Spacers UPPERSTACK=Upper stack height LOWERSTACK=Lower stack height UPPERSTACK2=Upper stack height 2 LOWERSTACK2=Lower stack height 2 OFFSET=Offset TRAVEL=Travel SAG=Sag STRAIGHTBLADE=Straight blade SUSPENSION=Suspension FORKHEADSETSADDLE=Fork, headset and saddle CRANKS=Cranks PEDALS=Pedals SHOES=Shoes SHOESIZE=Shoe size FOOTandCRANKrelative=Foot and crank relative positions HEELatHIGHEST=Heel at highest HEELatLOWEST=Heel at lowest STEM=Stem HANDLEBAR=Handlebar INCLUDEBRAKES=Include brake levers WIDTH=Width HEIGHT=Height BRAKELEVERPOSITION=Brake lever position AEROBARS=Aerobars AEROBAR_PADS=Aerobar pads RIDERANATOMY=Rider anatomy CROUCH=Crouch TRANSPARENCY=Transparency HANDPOSITION=Hand position SEATTUBE=Seat tube AERO=Aero CONSTANTDIAMETER=Constant \u00F8 VARIABLEDIAMETER=Variable \u00F8 SEATTUBESTYLETIP=Select seat tube style DIAMETERatTOP=\u00F8 at top DIAMETER=\u00F8 DIAMETERatBOTTOM=\u00F8 at bottom ATBOTTOM=at bottom ATTOP=at top CHORDLENGTH=Chord length LEADINGEDGEOFFSET=Leading edge offset WHEELCUTDIAMETER=Wheel cut \u00F8 TOPTUBE=Top tube TOPTUBESTYLETIP=Select top tube style DOWNTUBESTYLETIP=Select down tube style HEADTUBE=Head tube HEADTUBEDIAMETER=Head tube \u00F8 WISHBONE_WIDTH=Wishbone width WISHBONE_CLEARANCE_ABOVE_TIRE=Wishbone clearance above tire BBshellDIAMETER=BB shell \u00F8 BBshellDIAMETERtext=BB shell diameter DOWNTUBE=Down tube BBshellLENGTH=BB shell length SEATPOST=Seatpost TUBING=Tubing CHAINSTAYS=Chain stays FROMTOPOFSEATTUBE=from top of seat tube ALONG_ST_FROM_TT=along seat tube from top tube junction FROMTOPOFHEADTUBE=from top of head tube ALONGTOPTUBE=along top tube ALONGDOWNTUBE=along down tube WISHBONE=Wishbone SEATSTAYLENGTH=Seat stay length SEATSTAYLENGTH2=Seat stay length SEATSTAYLENGTH3=Seat stay length 2 SEATSTAYS=Seat stays PAINTSCHEME=Paint scheme BACKGROUND=Background FRAMEandFORKcolors=Frame and fork colors FIRST=1st SECOND=2nd THIRD=3rd FOURTH=4th CHOOSECOLOR=Choose color FORK=Fork FORKS=Forks DECALTEXTandCOLORS=Decal text and colors DECALS=Decals FONT_DT=Font (Down tube 1) FONT_DT2=Font (Down tube 2) FONT_ST=Font (Seat tube 1) FONT_ST2=Font (Seat tube 2) FONT_TT=Font (Top tube 1) FONT_TT2=Font (Top tube 2) FONT_WR=Font (Rear wheel 1) FONT_WR2=Font (Rear wheel 2) FONT_WF=Font (Front wheel 1) FONT_WF2=Font (Front wheel 2) FONT_FORK=Font (Fork 1) FONT_FORK2=Font (Fork 2) FONT_STEM=Font (Stem 1) FONT_STEM2=Font (Stem 2) FONT_CHAINSTAYS=Font (Chainstays 1) FONT_CHAINSTAYS2=Font (Chainstays 2) FONT_SEATPOST=Font (Seatpost 1) FONT_SEATPOST2=Font (Seatpost 2) PLAIN=Plain ITALIC=Italic BOLD=Bold BOLDandITALIC=Bold & Italic GRADIENTTEXT=Gradient text TEXT=Text LOWERTEXT=Lower text DECALOUTLINE=Decal outline GRADIENTOUTLINE=Gradient outline OUTLINE=Outline LOWEROUTLINE=Lower Outline PAINT=Paint SEATTUBEEXTENSION=Seat tube extension above top tube SEATTUBEEXTENSION2=Seat tube extension above top tube 2 HEADTUBEUPEXTENSION=Head tube extension above top tube HEADTUBEDOWNEXTENSION=Head tube extension below down tube REARDROPOUTS=Rear dropouts REARDROPOUT=Rear dropout DRIVING=Driving DRIVEN=Driven MITRING=Mitering JIGSETUP=Jig setup COMPONENTS=Components VALUE=Value UNITS=Units DRIVINGorDRIVEN=Driving or Driven Dimension TOPTUBE_Center_to_Center=Top tube length (c-c) DEPTHofREARWHEELcutout=Depth of rear wheel cutout into seat tube TOPREARPOINTofSEATTUBEtoWHEELCUTOUT=Top rear point of seat tube to top of wheel cutout HEADSETSPACERS=Headset spacers CRANKLENGTH=Crank length HANDLEBARWIDTH=Handlebar width HANDLEBARDROP=Handlebar drop HANDLEBARREACH=Handlebar reach RELATIVEFRONTPROJ=Relative front projection JONESSTABILITY=Jones stability criterion SEATTUBECHORD=Seat tube chord length SEATTUBELEADINGEDGE=Seat tube leading edge offset SEATTUBEDIAMETER=Seat tube diameter SEATTUBEDIAMETERatTOP=Seat tube diameter at top SEATTUBEDIAMETERatBOTTOM=Seat tube diameter at bottom TOPTUBEDIAMETER=Top tube diameter TOPTUBErearDIAMETER=Top tube rear diameter TOPTUBEfrontDIAMETER=Top tube front diameter DOWNTUBELEADINGEDGE=Down tube leading edge offset DOWNTUBEDIAMETERatREAR=Down tube diameter at rear DOWNTUBEDIAMETERatFRONT=Down tube diameter at front M2MTOPTOPTUBE=Miter to miter distance along top of top tube M2MBOTTOMTOPTUBE=Miter to miter distance along bottom of top tube M2MTOPDOWNTUBE=Miter to center of BB measured along top of down tube M2MTOPDOWNTUBEnotch=Miter to miter distance along top of down tube M2MBOTTOMDOWNTUBE=Miter to center of BB measured along bottom of down tube M2MBOTTOMDOWNTUBEdeep=Miter to deepest point of BB miter measured along bottom of down tube M2MTOPDOWNTUBEdeep=Miter to deepest point of BB miter measured along top of down tube M2MTOPofSEATTUBEtoBB=Top face of seat tube to BB miter (measured along side of frame) DOWNTUBELENGTHcc=Down tube length (c-c) TOPTUBESEATTUBEANGLE=Top tube - seat tube interior angle TOPTUBEHEADTUBEANGLE=Top tube - head tube interior angle DOWNTUBEHEADTUBEANGLE=Down tube - head tube interior angle DOWNTUBESEATTUBEANGLE=Down tube - seat tube interior angle DOWNTUBETOPTUBEANGLE=Down tube - top tube interior angle DOWNTUBEANGLE=Down tube angle CHAINSTAYSEATSTAYANGLE=Chain stay - seat stay angle CHAINSTAYANGLE=Chain stay angle (Actual) SEATSTAYANGLE=Seat stay angle relative to horizontal GAPBETWEENTOPTUBEandDOWNTUBE=Gap between bottom of top tube and top of down tube at head tube junction BBEXTENSIONfromCHAINSTAY=Extension of outer face of BB from side edge of chain stay CHAINSTAYGAP=Chain stay gap at BB LONGSHEN_LR15=Long Shen - LR15 Track Ends 70 degrees, 48mm MM=mm INCHSYMBOL=\u201d METERSYMBOL=m DEGREESYMBOL=\u00b0 FEET=Feet METERS=Meters INCHES=Inches MILLIMETERS=Millimeters OVERWRITEFILE=Overwrite existing file? DELETEFILE=Are you sure you want to delete this file? CONFIRMOVERWRITE=Confirm Overwrite BCADFILECORRUPT=This file is corrupt or not a valid BikeCAD file. CANT_FIND_FILE=Can't find file PROBLEMOPENINGFILE=Problem opening file FRONT_REAR=FRNT/REAR WheelGaptooltip=Chain stay length can be entered directly or
determined indirectly by entering Rear wheel gap. REARWHEELGAP=Rear wheel gap CHANGE_LANGUAGE=Change language RESTART_FOR_LANGUAGE=BikeCAD must be restarted for the new language to take effect. TRANSLATE_BikeCAD=Help Translate BikeCAD SADDLE_CLAMP_TO_HANDLEBAR=Saddle clamp to handlebar DRIVETRAIN=Drivetrain CHAINRINGS=Chainrings BIG_RING=Big ring MIDDLE_RING=Middle ring SMALL_RING=Small ring SPROCKETS=Sprockets GEARING_GRAPH=Gearing graph GEAR_INCHES=Gear inches ROLLOUT=Rollout or Meters of development GAIN_RATIO=Gain ratio SPEED_FOR_CADENCE=Speed for cadence CADENCE=Cadence RPM=RPM KPH=km/h MPH=mph WATERBOTTLES=Water bottles FENDERS=Fenders BOSS_SPACING=Boss spacing FRONT=Front REAR=Rear START_ANGLE=Start angle END_ANGLE=End angle EYELET_R=Eyelet radius EYELET_A=Eyelet angle EYELET_RADIUS_TOOLTIP=Radial distance from axle to eyelet EYELET_ANGLE_TOOLTIP=Angular position of eyelet relative to seat stay EYELET_ANGLE_FORK_TOOLTIP=Angular position of eyelet relative to steerer tube STRUTS=Struts RACK=Rack BRAZEONS=Braze-ons BOTTLE_BOTTOM=Bottle bottom LOCATE_BOTTLE=Locate bottle with respect to lower bottle boss. SEATTUBECHAINSTAYANGLE=Seat tube - chain stay interior angle BOTTLE_BOSS1A=Boss A (from mitre) BOTTLE_BOSS1B=Boss B (from mitre) BOTTLE_BOSS2A=Boss A BOTTLE_BOSS2B=Boss B BOTTLE_BOSSES=Bottle bosses NOTES=Notes ON_SCREEN_NOTES=On screen notes TITLEBLOCK_NOTES=Title block notes DRAWING_NOTES=Drawing notes NOTES_AND_TITLEBLOCK=Notes and title block NAME=Name PHONE=Phone WEBSITE=Website EMAIL=e-mail ADDRESS=Address RIMS=Rims TIRES=Tires SIDEWALLS=Sidewalls HUBS=Hubs HANDLEBAR_TAPE=Handlebar tape/Grips BRAKE_HOODS=Brake hoods BRAKE_TRIM=Brake trim BRAKE_LEVERS=Brake levers SADDLERAILS=Saddle rails FORK_CROWN=Fork crown STANTIONS=Stanchions BOTTLE_CAGE=Bottle cage BOTTLE_TOPS=Bottle tops EXTLINES=Ext lines WARNING=Warning CUSTOMIZE=Customize PROGRAM_NAME=Program name SAVE_SETTINGS=Save settings START_LINEAR_DIMENSION=Start linear dimension START_LINEAR_DIMENSIONX=Start linear dimension (X) START_LINEAR_DIMENSIONY=Start linear dimension (Y) START_ANGULAR_DIMENSION=Start angular dimension PICK_VERTEX_FOR_ANGLE=Pick vertex for angle END_LINEAR_DIMENSION=End linear dimension END_ANGULAR_DIMENSION=End angular dimension START_ARROW_FOR_NOTE=Start arrow for note PICK_ELBOW_FOR_NOTE=Pick elbow for note PLACE_NOTE=Place note DELETE=Delete USER=User CLEAR_DIM=Clear dimension SAVE_DIM=Save dimension CLEAR_NOTE=Clear note USER_DIMENSION_LIMIT_EXCEEDED=User dimension limit exceeded STARTUP=Startup ADD=Add CHAINSTAYANGLE_REARAXLE_TO_BB=Chain stay angle (Rear axle to BB) FORKLENGTH_AXLE_TO_CROWN_minus_SAG=Fork length (Axle to crown minus sag) FORKLENGTH_AXLE_TO_CROWN=Fork length (Axle to crown) BB_TO_TOPTUBE_HEADTUBE_JUNCTION_HORIZONTAL=BB to top tube - head tube junction (Horizontal) BB_TO_TOPTUBE_HEADTUBE_JUNCTION_VERTICAL=BB to top tube - head tube junction (Vertical) CHAINSTAYLENGTH_HORIZONTAL=Chain stay length (Horizontal) STEERER_TUBE_LENGTH_THREADLESS=Steerer tube length (Threadless) STEERER_TUBE_LENGTH_THREADED=Steerer tube length (Threaded) FRONT_NORMAL_TRAIL=Front wheel trail REAR_NORMAL_TRAIL=Rear wheel trail HEADTUBE_BOTTOM_TO_REAR_WHEEL_TRAIL=Head tube bottom to rear wheel trail ARCTAN_OF_TRAIL_RADIUS=Arctan(Trail/Wheel Radius) DROP_BAR=Drop bar MTN_BAR=Mountain bar BULLHORN=Bullhorn POSITION1=Position 1 POSITION2=Position 2 POSITION3=Position 3 TRADITIONAL=Traditional SBEND=S-bend FORMULAS=Formulas APPROXIMATE_MISSING_DIMS=Approximate missing dimensions CALCULATE_IN_INCREMENTS=Calculate values in increments of RECOMMENDED_VALUE=Recommended value SHOW_FIT_FORMULAS=Show fit formulas INCLUDE=Include CUSTOMER_INFO=Customer info BUILDER_INFO=Builder info TITLEBLOCK=Title block FREE_SPACE=Free space PORTRAIT=Portrait LANDSCAPE=Landscape ASPECT_RATIO=Aspect ratio ISO216=ISO 216 SAVE_CURRENT_BIKE_AS_TEMPLATE=Save current bike as default template MUST_RESTART_BIKECAD=BikeCAD must be restarted for changes to take effect. PRINT_WHITE_BACKGROUND=Print white background OUTLINE_THICKNESS=Outline thickness FONT=Font LOGO=Logo LOGO_DT=Logo (Down tube 1) LOGO_DT2=Logo (Down tube 2) LOGO_ST=Logo (Seat tube 1) LOGO_ST2=Logo (Seat tube 2) LOGO_TT=Logo (Top tube 1) LOGO_TT2=Logo (Top tube 2) LOGO_WR=Logo (Rear Wheel 1) LOGO_WR2=Logo (Rear Wheel 2) LOGO_WF=Logo (Front Wheel 1) LOGO_WF2=Logo (Front Wheel 2) LOGO_FORK=Logo (Fork 1) LOGO_FORK2=Logo (Fork 2) LOGO_STEM=Logo (Stem 1) LOGO_STEM2=Logo (Stem 2) LOGO_CHAINSTAYS=Logo (Chainstays 1) LOGO_CHAINSTAYS2=Logo (Chainstays 2) LOGO_SEATPOST=Logo (Seatpost 1) LOGO_SEATPOST2=Logo (Seatpost 2) ARROWSorDOTS=Arrows or dots DOTS=Dots SHOW_DOTS_ON_EXTENSION_LINES=Show dots on extension lines ROUNDED=Rounded SQUARE=Square LUGS=Lugs CANADA=Canada CHEVRON=Chevron CIRCLE=Circle FADE=Fade FADE3=Face (3) FADE4=Fade (4) FADEwCANADA=Fade with Canada FADEwCIRCLE=Fade with Circle FADEwDOTS=Fade with Dots FADEwPANEL=Fade with Panel FADEwLEAVES=Fade with Leaves FADEwRECTANGLE=Fade with Rectangle FLAMES=Flames PANEL=Panel PANELandSTAYS=Panel and Stays LEAVES=Leaves LUGSwPANEL=Lugs with Panel OVAL=Oval RECTANGLE=Rectangle SOLID=Solid SPEAR=Spear STAYS=Stays CHAINSTAY_MITER_ANGLE=Chain stay miter angle THREE_COLOR_ANGLED=Three Color Angled TWO_COLOR_ANGLED=Two Color Angled MOVE=Move ELBOW=Elbow NOTE=Note ARROW=Arrow EXIT=Exit FORK_CROWN_CLEARANCE=Fork crown clearance SITTING_POSITION_X=Sitting position (X) SITTING_POSITION_Y=Sitting position (Y) SHIMANO=Shimano style SHIMANO_2012=Shimano 2012 style SRAM=SRAM style CAMPAGNOLO=Campagnolo style NUMBER_OF_FIT_SCHEMES=Number of fit schemes DESIGN_WAS_NOT_SENT=Sorry, there was a problem sending your file. INCLUDE_TAB_IN_FIT_ADVISOR=Include tab in fit advisor UNCHECK_TO_REMOVE_OPTIONS=Uncheck to remove menus and options from BikeCAD for the Web, or to simplify BikeCAD Pro. EMAIL_MENU=E-mail menu (Only used in BikeCAD for the Web) EMAIL_MENU_ADDRESS=E-mail address for receiving designs SAME_SIZED_FRONT_AND_REAR=Set front equal to rear HANDLEBAR_TO_SEATTUBE_AXIS=Handlebar to seat tube axis HANDLEBAR_TO_FRONT_AXLE=Handlebar to front axle HANDLEBAR_TO_FRONT_AXLE2=Handlebar to front axle 2 HANDLEBAR_TO_FRONT_AXLE_X=Handlebar to front axle (X) SADDLE_FROM_BB_X=Saddle from BB (X) SADDLE_FROM_BB_Y=Saddle from BB (Y) MISSING_EMAIL=You must enter a valid e-mail address in the Notes dialog box. BEND_POSITION=Bend position OFFSET_AT_BB=Offset at BB OFFSET_AT_BB2=Offset at BB 2 OFFSET_AT_BB_S=Offset at BB (S) HEAD_TUBE_BOTTOM_Bike_MachX=Head tube bottom (Bike Machinery/Cobra X) HEAD_TUBE_BOTTOM_Bike_MachY=Head tube bottom (Bike Machinery/Cobra Y) ADJUSTMENT_KNOB=Adjustment knob STYLE=Style DEFAULT_SETTINGS=Default settings UNDO=Undo REDO=Redo COLOR=Color NOHIDDEN=No hidden lines HIDDENLINES=Hidden lines WIREFRAME=Wireframe PLATE_STYLE_DROPOUT=Plate SOCKET_STYLE_DROPOUT=Socket DERAILLEUR_HANGER=Derailleur hanger EYELETS=Eyelets NOT_SET=Not set TO_ADD_A_NOTE=To add a note, right click on the screen. CRANK_SPIDER=Crank spider SPIDER_ARM_PHASE_SHIFT=Spider arm phase shift EFFECTIVE_RIM_DIA=Effective rim diameter BEAD_SEAT_DIA=Bead seat diameter DISC=Disc TRISPOKE=Trispoke SPOKED=Spoked SPOKES=Spokes SPOKE_PHASE_SHIFT=Spoke phase shift CROSS_PATTERN=Cross pattern RADIAL=Radial DUAL_CROWN=Dual crown BRAKE_HOLE_TO_AXLE=Brake hole to axle SEATTUBE_TOPTUBE_JUNCTION_TO_TOP_OF_SEATTUBE=Seat tube - top tube junction to top of seat tube SEATTUBE_TOPTUBE_JUNCTION_TO_TOP_OF_SEATTUBE2=Seat tube - top tube junction to top of seat tube 2 DRIVE_SIDE_SPOKE_LENGTH=Drive side spoke length NON_DRIVE_SIDE_SPOKE_LENGTH=Non-drive side spoke length STACK=Stack REACH=Reach UCI_REGULATIONS=UCI Regulations UCIRULE1.3.012=A bicycle shall not measure more that 185 cm in length and 50 cm in width overall. A tandem shall not measure more than 270 cm in length and 50 cm in width overall. UCIRULE1.3.013=The peak of the saddle shall be a minimum of 5 cm to the rear of a vertical plane passing through the bottom bracket spindle. This restriction shall not be applied to the bicycle ridden by a rider in track sprint event, keirin, 500 metres or 1 kilometre time trials; however, in no circumstances shall the peak of the saddle extend in front of a vertical line passing through the bottom bracket spindle. UCIRULE1.3.014=The saddle support shall be horizontal. The length of the saddle shall be 24 cm minimum and 30 cm maximum. UCIRULE1.3.015=The distance between the bottom bracket spindle and the ground shall be between 24 cm minimum and maximum 30 cm. UCIRULE1.3.016=The distance between the vertical passing through the bottom bracket spindle and the front wheel spindle shall be between 54 cm minimum and 65 cm maximum. The distance between the vertical passing through the bottom bracket spindle and the rear wheel spindle shall be between 35 cm minimum and maximum 50 cm. UCIRULE1.3.018=Wheels of the bicycle may vary in diameter between 70 cm maximum and 55 cm minimum, including the tire. For the cyclo-cross bicycle the width of the tire shall not exceed 35 mm and it may not incorporate any form of spike or stud. UCIRULE1.3.020=For road competitions other than time trials and for cyclo-cross competitions, the frame of the bicycle shall be of a traditional pattern, i.e. built around a main triangle. It shall be constructed of straight or tapered tubular elements (which may be round, oval, flattened, teardrop shaped or otherwise in cross-section) such that the form of each element encloses a straight line. The elements of the frame shall be laid out such that the joining points shall follow the following pattern: the top tube connects the top of the head tube to the top of the seat tube; the seat tube (from which the seat post shall extend) shall connect to the bottom bracket shell; the down tube shall connect the bottom bracket shell to the bottom of the head tube. The rear triangles shall be formed by the chain stays, the seat stays and the seat tube with the seat stays anchored to the seat tube at points falling within the limits laid down for the slope of the top tube. The maximum height of the elements shall be 8 cm and the minimum thickness 2.5 cm. The minimum thickness shall be reduced to 1 cm for the chain stays and the seat stays. The minimum thickness of the elements of the front fork shall be 1 cm; these may be straight or curved. The top tube may slope, provided that this element fits within a horizontal template defined by a maximum height of 16 cm and a minimum thickness of 2.5 cm. UCIRULE1.3.022=In competitions other than those covered by article 1.3.023, only the traditional type of handlebars may be used. The point of support for the hands must be positioned in an area defined as follows: above, by the horizontal plane of the point of support of the saddle; below, by the horizontal line passing through the highest point of the two wheels (these being of equal diameter); at the rear by the axis of the steerer tube and at the front by a vertical line passing through the front wheel spindle with a 5 cm tolerance. This distance is not applicable to the bicycle of a rider who takes part in a sprint, keirin or olympic sprint race, but must not exceed 10 cm in relation to the vertical line passing through the front wheel spindle. The brake controls attached to the handlebars shall consist of two supports with levers. It must be possible to operate the brakes by pulling on the levers with the hands on the lever supports. Any extension to or reconfiguration of the supports to enable an alternative use is prohibited. A combined system of brake and gear controls is authorised. UCIRULE1.3.023=For road time trials and the following track events: individual and team pursuit, kilometre and 500 m a fixed extension may be added to the steering system; in this instance, only a position where the forearm is in the horizontal plane is permitted. The distance between the vertical line passing through the bottom bracket axle and the extremity of the handlebar may not exceed 75 cm, with the other limits set in article 1.3.022 remaining unchanged. Elbow or forearm rests are permitted. For road time trial competitions, controls or levers fixed to the handlebar extension may extend beyond the 75 cm limit as long as they do not constitute a change of use, particularly that of providing an alternative hand position beyond the 75 cm mark. For the track and road competitions covered by the first paragraph, the distance of 75 cm may be increased to 80 cm to the extent that this is required for morphological reasons; \u00abmorphological reasons\u00bb should be taken as meaning anything regarding the size or length of the rider's body parts. A rider who, for this reason, considers that he needs to make use of a distance between 75 and 80 cm must inform the commissaires' panel at the moment that he presents his licence. In such cases the commissaires' panel may carry out the following test: ensuring that the angle between the forearm and upper arm does not exceed 120\u00b0 when the rider is in a racing position. SAVE_TEMPLATE=Save template OPEN_TEMPLATE=Open template MANAGE_COMPONENTS_AND_TEMPLATES=Manage components and templates GUI=GUI GUI_TEXT_SIZE=GUI text size LOOK_AND_FEEL=Look and feel SYSTEM_DEFAULT=System default CONFIGURE_CSV_OUTPUT=Configure CSV output CHANGES_HAVE_BEEN_SAVED=Changes have been saved GENERAL_INFO=General info CATEGORIES=Categories DOWNTUBEOFFSET_AT_BB=Down tube offset at BB SEATTUBEOFFSET_AT_BB=Seat tube offset at BB SEATTUBEOFFSET_TOTAL=Seat tube offset (total) ERGO=Ergo TRACK=Track GENERAL=General SADDLE_REF_POINTX=Saddle reference point (X) SADDLE_REF_POINTY=Saddle reference point (Y) SADDLETIP_TO_BRAKE_HOOD_PROJECTED=Saddle tip to brake hood (Projected) SADDLETIP_TO_BRAKE_HOOD_DIRECT=Saddle tip to brake hood (Direct) CHARACTER_ENCODING=Character encoding AEROBAR_PAD_DROP_FROM_SADDLE=Aerobar pad drop from saddle HANDLEBARDROP_TOP_OF_BARS=Handlebar drop (top of bars) DISPLAYING_DIALOG_BOX_CONFIGURATION=Displaying dialog box configuration: OPERATING_SYSTEM=Operating system JAVA_VERSION=Java version HEADTUBESTYLETIP=Select head tube style SCALED_TO_FIT_PAGE=Scaled to fit page FULL_SCALE=Full scale ADVANCED=Advanced COLOR_SCHEMES=Color Schemes COLOR_SCHEME=Color Scheme NEW_COLOR_SCHEME=New color scheme RED=Red GREEN=Green BLUE=Blue OVERLAY_IMAGE=Overlay image MAINTAIN_ASPECT_RATIO=Maintain aspect ratio FIT_TO_WIDTH=Fit to width FIT_TO_HEIGHT=Fit to height TILE=Tile SCALE=Scale IMAGE_CONTROLS=Image controls POSITION_X=Position X POSITION_Y=Position Y PIXEL_DIMENSIONS=Pixel dimensions CLEAR_LOG=Clear log PROBLEM_LOG=Problem log EDIT=Edit NONE=None DEFAULT=Default DEFAULT_PLUS_TRANSPARENCY=Default plus transparency DEFAULT_PLUS_TRANSPARENCY_PLUS_IMAGE=Default plus transparency plus image overlay NEAREST_MATCH_IN_PALETTE=Nearest match in palette PLEASE_ENTER_NAME_FOR_COLOR_SCHEME=Please enter name for color scheme CURVED=Curved CURVES=Curves RATIO=Ratio BB=BB ADJUST_PAINT=Adjust paint START_NOTE_NO_ARROW=Start note (no arrow) ADD_TO_LIBRARY=Add to library NOT_FOUND_IN_LIBRARY=not found in library. DO_YOU_WISH_TO_ADD_TO_LIBRARY=Do you wish to add this component to your library? VALUE_IN_CURRENT_LIBRARY=Value in current library VALUE_FROM_FILE=Value from file FROM_NEW_FILE_DOES_NOT_PERFECTLY_MATCH_COMPONENT_OF_SAME_NAME_IN_LIBRARY=from new file does not perfectly match
component of same name in library. SWITCHING_TO_CUSTOM_MENU=Switching to custom menu. SADDLE_CLAMP_TO_BB=Saddle clamp to BB SADDLE_CLAMP_TO_BB_X=Saddle clamp to BB (X) SADDLE_CLAMP_TO_BB_Y=Saddle clamp to BB (Y) SHEAR=Shear CHANGE_ARROW_SIZE=Change arrow size WHEEL_FLOP=Wheel flop ELBOW_ANGLE=Elbow angle HIP_ANGLE=Hip angle KNEE_ANGLE=Knee angle SHOULDER_ANGLE=Shoulder angle TORSO_ANGLE=Torso angle ST_IS_MITERED_TO_DT=Seat tube is mitered to down tube DT_IS_MITERED_TO_ST=Down tube is mitered to seat tube UNDO_LIMIT=Undo limit ASYMMETRIC=Asymmetric SYMMETRIC=Symmetric SYMMETRIC_DOUBLE=Symmetric (Double) DRIVE_SIDE=Drive side NON_DRIVE_SIDE=Non-drive side FRONTCENTER_HORIZONTAL=Front center (Horizontal) RAKED=Raked RANGE=Range TAPERED=Tapered LEAN_ANGLE=Lean angle BCAD_SENT_NOTICE=BCAD file sent notice MODEL=Model PRINT_MARGIN=Print margin OPEN_TEMPLATES_IN_FILE_MENU=Open templates in file menu AEROBAR_PAD_REACH=Aerobar pad reach AEROBAR_PAD_STACK=Aerobar pad stack AEROBAR_PAD_REACH_FROM_SADDLE=Aerobar pad reach from saddle END_OF_HANDLEBAR_REACH=End of handlebar reach END_OF_HANDLEBAR_STACK=End of handlebar stack END_OF_HANDLEBAR_REACH_FROM_SADDLE=End of handlebar reach from saddle END_OF_HANDLEBAR_DROP_FROM_SADDLE=End of handlebar drop from saddle PREVIEW=Preview SADDLE_TAIL_TO_HANDLEBAR=Saddle tail to handlebar SADDLE_TIP_TO_HANDLEBAR_END_DIRECT=Saddle tip to handlebar end (Direct) SADDLE_TIP_TO_HANDLEBAR_END_X=Saddle tip to handlebar end (X) SADDLE_TIP_TO_HANDLEBAR_END_Y=Saddle tip to handlebar end (Y) SADDLE_TIP_TO_HANDLEBAR_END_PROJECTED=Saddle tip to handlebar end (Projected) RIDER_COMPARTMENT_SLANTED=Rider compartment (slanted) PLACE_EMAIL_LINK_IN_FILEMENU=Place e-mail link in file menu SHOW_TEMPLATES_IN_CATEGORIES=Show templates in categories SAVE_ONLINE=Save Online SAVE_NOTICE=For cataloging purposes please ensure that the following fields are completed. SAVE_WARNING=If you intend to make this file publicly accessible, be sure to remove any sensitive personal information
from the customer fields and the Notes section. ADD_TO_PUBLIC_DESIGN_ARCHIVE=Add to public design archive PUBLISH=Publish PRODUCTION_BIKE=Production bike PRIMARY_MATERIAL=Primary material STEEL=Steel CARBON=Carbon ALUMINIUM=Aluminium TITANIUM=Titanium BAMBOO=Bamboo MODEL_YEAR=Model year BRAND=Brand MODEL_NAME=Model CYCLOCROSS=Cyclo-cross HYBRID=Hybrid DIRT_JUMP=Dirt jump CITY=City COMMUTER=Commuter TRIALS=Trials BMX=BMX POLO=Polo CHILDRENS=Children's CARGO=Cargo CRUISER=Cruiser TIMETRIAL=Time trial TOURING=Touring OTHER=Other SIZE=Size DESIGN_SAVED_ONLINE=Design was successfully saved online. YOU_CAN_FIND_IT_IN_MYDESIGNS=You can find it in the My Designs menu. YOU_MUST_ASSIGN_A_MODEL_NAME=You must assign a model name. DIMENSION_NAMES=Show dimension names MORE_INFO=More info SUBMIT=Submit SAVE_ANIMATED_GIF=Save animated GIF ANIMATE_IN_PLACE=Animate in place DELAY=Delay REPEAT=Repeat CRANK_ROTATIONS=Crank rotations FRAMES_PER_ROTATION=Frames per rotation REPEAT_INDEFINITELY=Repeat indefinitely SECONDS=s REPEAT_CYCLE=Repeat cycle BOUNDS=Bounds BUILDING_GIF=Building GIF file SHOW_OR_HIDE_UNITS=Show or hide units SWITCH_ENDS=Switch ends SHOE_LENGTH=Shoe length EFFECTIVE_SEAT_TUBE_ANGLE=Effective seat tube angle ANGLE_OF_THE_HEAD=Angle of the head PROBLEM_CURVES=Display problem curves HT_BOTTOM_TO_BOTTOM_OF_TT=Head tube bottom to bottom of top tube DT_ST_NOTCH=Down tube - Seat tube notch INCLUDE_STRUT1=Include strut INCLUDE_HOOK1=Include hook FRONTRACK=Front rack LOWRIDER=Lowrider PANNIERS=Panniers SNAPSHOT=Snapshot REMOVE_PHOTO=Remove photo COUPLERS=Couplers CSSIDE=Chain stays SSSIDE=Seat stays REARAXLE_TO_SEATSTAY_BRAKEHOLE=Rear axle to seat stay brake hole REARAXLE_TO_CHAINSTAY_BRAKEHOLE=Rear axle to chain stay brake hole REARAXLE_TO_CHAINSTAY_BRIDGE=Rear axle to chain stay bridge REARAXLE_TO_SEATSTAY_BRIDGE=Rear axle to seat stay bridge INCLUDE_BRAKE_HOLE=Include brake hole BRIDGE=Bridge TUBE_XSEC=Tube X-section M2M_ACROSS_TOP_OF_SEATSTAY_BRIDGE=Miter to miter across top of seat stay bridge M2M_ACROSS_BACK_OF_CHAINSTAY_BRIDGE=Miter to miter across back of chain stay bridge M2M_ACROSS_BOTTOM_OF_SEATSTAY_BRIDGE=Miter to miter across bottom of seat stay bridge M2M_ACROSS_FRONT_OF_CHAINSTAY_BRIDGE=Miter to miter across front of chain stay bridge M2M_ON_BOTTOM_EDGE_OF_STEM=Miter to miter across bottom edge of stem M2M_ON_BOTTOM_EDGE_OF_STEM_TO_DEEPEST_POINT_ON_FRONT_MITER=Miter to miter on bottom edge of stem to deepest point on front miter M2M_ON_TOP_EDGE_OF_STEM=Miter to miter on top edge of stem M2M_ON_TOP_EDGE_OF_STEM_TO_DEEPEST_POINT_ON_FRONT_MITER=Miter to miter on top edge of stem to deepest point on front miter BRAKES=Brakes BRAKE_PADS=Brake pads CALIPER=Caliper CANTILEVER=Cantilever CANTILEVER_BOSSES=Cantilever bosses CANTIBOSS_TOOLTIP=Measure perpendicular to the boss or directly from the tip of the boss to the axle MOUNT_TO=Mount to TIRE_CLEARANCE_INTERFERENCE_AT_FRONT=Tire clearance/ interference at front of crown TIRE_CLEARANCE_INTERFERENCE_AT_BACK=Tire clearance/ interference at back of crown FENDER_CLEARANCE_INTERFERENCE_AT_FRONT=Fender clearance/ interference at front of crown FENDER_CLEARANCE_INTERFERENCE_AT_BACK=Fender clearance/ interference at back of crown OPEN_BCAD_FROM_WEB=Open design from BCAD file on the Web ENTER_URL=Enter URL KEY_FOR_SAVING_ONLINE=Key for saving online MUST_ENTER_KEY=You must first enter your key in the Customize dialog box INVALID_KEY=Invalid key SEATPOST_CLAMP=Seatpost clamp BOLTS=Bolts BOXES=Boxes ANGLE_BB_TO_TOP_OF_SEATTUBE=Angle from BB to top of seat tube HOODED_DROPOUT=Hooded OFFSET_DRIVESIDE=Offset in drive side direction SCROLL_DOWN_TO_ZOOM=Scroll down to zoom SLIDING=Sliding CHAIN=Chain CHAIN1=Chain 1 CHAIN2=Chain 2 BELT=Belt LINKS=Links EXTRA_LINKS=Extra links LENGTHofSEATPOSTinserted=Length of seatpost inserted COG=Cog CHAINRING=Chainring DERAILLEUR=Derailleur DERAILLEUR_PULLEYS=Derailleur pulleys PULLEY_TEETH=P1 teeth PULLEY2_TEETH=P2 teeth SPEED=Speed BRAKE_HOLE_TO_CROWN=Brake hole to crown SADDLE_TO_DS_PEDAL=Saddle to drive side pedal SADDLE_TO_NDS_PEDAL=Saddle to non-drive side pedal BRAKE_HOLE_ANGLE=Brake hole angle DIM_WHEEL=Dim the rear wheel CHANGE_COLOR=Change color CHANGE_GEOMETRY=Change geometry HIDE=Hide NOTHING_SELECTED=Nothing selected CRANK_POS=Crank position FRONT_CHAINLINE=Front chainline (engaged) REAR_CHAINLINE=Rear chainline (engaged) CHAINLINE_OFFSET=Chainline offset (engaged) FRONT_CHAINLINE_AVG=Front chainline (average) REAR_CHAINLINE_AVG=Rear chainline (average) CHAINLINE_OFFSET_AVG=Chainline offset (average) MISSING_FONT=Missing font INVERTED=Inverted REARAXLE_TO_TAIL_OF_SADDLE=Rear axle to tail of saddle (X) FORK_LEGS=Fork legs LEFTY=Lefty EXPORT_MULTI_MODEL_PDF=Export multi-model PDF ADDITIONAL_MODELS_TO_SHOW=Additional models to show DONE=Done NO_FILE_SELECTED=No file selected ALIGN_BB=Align bottom brackets ALIGN_GROUND=Align ground RIM=Rim ROTOR=Rotor DISC_ROTOR=Disc rotor DISC_BRAKE=Disc brake ADAPTER=Adapter LINE_WEIGHT_EQUAL_TO_OUTLINE=Line weight equal to outline thickness LINE_WEIGHT=Line weight CHAINGUARD=Chain guard SEATPOST_TOP_CLAMP=Seatpost top clamp RIMSIDEWALL=Rim sidewall TOPTUBE_INTERSECTS_DOWNTUBE=Top tube intersects down tube SEATMAST=Seatmast COPY_COLOR=Copy color COPIED_COLOR=Copied color PASTE_COLOR=Paste color SaddleHeightOrXYtooltip=Define saddle position by height and seat angle or by XY coordinates from BB ANGLE_AT_DROPOUT=Angle at dropout TANDEM=Tandem BOOMTUBE=Boom tube BOOMTUBESEATTUBEANGLE=Boom tube - seat tube interior angle EXTRA_TUBES=Extra tubes CONNECT=Connect EXTRATUBE=Extra tube EXTRAtubeC2C=Extra tube (C-C) EXTRAtubeDIAMETERA=Extra tube diameter at DA EXTRAtubeDIAMETERB=Extra tube diameter at DB MITERANGLEatDA=Miter angle at DA MITERANGLEatDB=Miter angle at DB STRAIGHTEN_TOPTUBE=Straighten top tube PHASEBLOCKS=Phase blocks CENTER_TO_CENTER=Center to center OFFSET_FROM_PINCHBOSS=offset from pinch boss PINCHBOSS=Pinch boss FILLET=Fillet FILLETS=Fillets PROFILES=Profiles DESERT_FOX=Desert fox dimension INCLUDE_FORK_IN_PAINTSCHEME=Include fork in paint scheme INCLUDE_STEM_IN_PAINTSCHEME=Include stem in paint scheme INCLUDE_SPCR_IN_PAINTSCHEME=Include spacers in paint scheme INCLUDE_PUMP_IN_PAINTSCHEME=Include pump in paint scheme START_ANGULAR_DIMENSION_FROM_HORIZONTAL=Start angular dimension from horizontal GEARBOX=Gearbox CAMPAGNOLO_BAR_END=Campagnolo Bar-End TEKTRO=Tektro SHIFTERS=Shifters SHIFTERS1=Shifters 1 SHIFTERS2=Shifters 2 DOWNTUBE_SHIFT_BOSS=Down tube shift boss BAR_END=Bar end OTHER_NONE=Other/None FORK_BASE_TO_HEADTUBE_TOPTUBE_INT=Fork base to head tube/ top tube intersection CONFIGURATION_FILES_LOCATION=Configuration files location CHANGE=Change CAPPED=Capped M2MTOPBOOMTUBE=Miter to miter distance along top of boom tube M2MBOTTOMBOOMTUBE=Miter to miter distance along bottom of boom tube DEFINE_BY_PARAMETERS=Define by parameters DEFINE_BY_STATIC_DRAWING=Define by static drawing DROPOUT_SLIDER_OR_HANGER=Dropout slider/hanger EFFECTIVE_TOP_TUBE_LENGTH_TAIWANESE=Top tube length (effective (Taiwanese)) EFFECTIVE_TOP_TUBE_LENGTH_TAIWANESE_SEAT_ANGLE=Seat angle to top tube length (effective (Taiwanese)) WELD_ON_DISC_TAB=Weld-on disc tab WELD_ON_DISC_TABplus10=Weld-on disc tab +10\u00b0 BB_TO_TOE=BB to toe SEATTUBE_LENGTH_BB_TO_TOP_OF_TT=Seat tube length (BB to top of top tube 1) SEATTUBE_LENGTH_BB_TO_TOP_OF_TT2=Seat tube length (BB to top of top tube 2) FRAME_NUMBER=Frame # Festka_Road=Festka Road Festka_Track=Festka Track LOCO_15_Hooded_Hrz=LOCO Machine 1.5" Hooded Horizontal LOCO_13_Hooded_Hrz=LOCO Machine 1.375" Hooded Vertical LOCO_15_Hooded_Vrt=LOCO Machine 1.5" Hooded Vertical LOCOR56Hrz=LOCO Machine R56 3D Horizontal LOCOR56Vrt=LOCO Machine R56 3D Vertical LOCOR56X12=LOCO Machine R56 X-12 LOCOR56X12Kompakt=LOCO Machine R56 X-12 Kompakt LOCOX12=LOCO Machine Syntace X-12 DR0001=Paragon DR0001 DR0004=Paragon DR0004 (DR2001) DR0012=Paragon DR0012 (DR2020) DR0019=Paragon DR0019 (DR1013, DR2010) DR0026=Paragon DR0026 (DR2026) DR0030=Paragon DR0030 (DR1030, DR2030) DR0034=Paragon DR0034 (DR1034, DR2034) DR0065=Paragon DR0065 (DR1065, DR2065) DR0090=Paragon DR0090 DR0092=Paragon DR0092 (DR2092) DR0101=Paragon DR0101 (DR1101) DR0102=Paragon DR0102 (DR1102) DR2032=Paragon DR2032 DR2033=Paragon DR2033 DR2036=Paragon DR2036 DR2037=Paragon DR2037 DR2038=Paragon DR2038 DR2090=Paragon DR2090 DS0001=Paragon DS0001 (DS1001) DS0004=Paragon DS0004 (DS1004) PD000=Paragon PD000 (PD100) RS64=Richard Sachs 64\u00b0 RS68=Richard Sachs 68\u00b0 RS72=Richard Sachs 72\u00b0 Zanc64=Richard Sachs 64\u00b0 (Zanconato) Zanc68=Richard Sachs 68\u00b0 (Zanconato) Zanc72=Richard Sachs 72\u00b0 (Zanconato) DR2070=Paragon DR2070 DR2071=Paragon DR2071 DR2073=Paragon DR2073 DR2074=Paragon DR2074 DR2075=Paragon DR2075 DR2085=Paragon DR2085 DR2086=Paragon DR2086 DR2087=Paragon DR2087 DR2088=Paragon DR2088 DR2102=Paragon DR2102 DR2104=Paragon DR2104 DR4079=Paragon DR4079 (B4079) DR4080=Paragon DR4080 (B4080) DR4081=Paragon DR4081 (B4081) DR4083=Paragon DR4083 (B4083) DR4191=Paragon DR4191 (B4191) DR4005_DR4009=Paragon DR4005/DR4009 DR4005_DR4010=Paragon DR4005/DR4010 DR4005_DR4013=Paragon DR4005/DR4013 DR4005_DR4025=Paragon DR4005/DR4025 DR4006_DR4009=Paragon DR4006/DR4009 DR4006_DR4013=Paragon DR4006/DR4013 DR4006_DR4025=Paragon DR4006/DR4025 DR4037_DR4027=Paragon DR4137/DR4027 DR4039_DR4027=Paragon DR4139/DR4027 DR4044_DR4027=Paragon DR4144/DR4027 DR4037_DR4041=Paragon DR4137/DR4041 DR4039_DR4041=Paragon DR4139/DR4041 DR4044_DR4041=Paragon DR4144/DR4041 DR4045_DR4009=Paragon DR4045/DR4009 DR4045_DR4013=Paragon DR4045/DR4013 DR4045_DR4025=Paragon DR4045/DR4025 DR4145_DR4146=Paragon DR4145/DR4146 PA401_PA402=Paragon PA401/PA402 PA401_PA404=Paragon PA401/PA404 PA401_PA466=Paragon PA401/PA466 PA407_PA402=Paragon PA407/PA402 PA407_PA404=Paragon PA407/PA404 PA407_PA466=Paragon PA407/PA466 PA411_PA402=Paragon PA411/PA402 PA411_PA404=Paragon PA411/PA404 PA411_PA466=Paragon PA411/PA466 PA417_PA410=Paragon PA417/PA410 PA417_PA412=Paragon PA417/PA412 PA417_PA468=Paragon PA417/PA468 PA423_PA410=Paragon PA423/PA410 PA423_PA412=Paragon PA423/PA412 PA423_PA468=Paragon PA423/PA468 PA427_PA410=Paragon PA427/PA410 PA427_PA412=Paragon PA427/PA412 PA427_PA468=Paragon PA427/PA468 PA433_PA416=Paragon PA433/PA416 PA433_PA418=Paragon PA433/PA418 PA433_PA420=Paragon PA433/PA420 PA433_PA462=Paragon PA433/PA462 PA435_PA416=Paragon PA435/PA416 PA435_PA418=Paragon PA435/PA418 PA435_PA420=Paragon PA435/PA420 PA435_PA462=Paragon PA435/PA462 PA437_PA416=Paragon PA437/PA416 PA437_PA418=Paragon PA437/PA418 PA437_PA420=Paragon PA437/PA420 PA437_PA422=Paragon PA437/PA422 PA437_PA452=Paragon PA437/PA452 PA437_PA462=Paragon PA437/PA462 PA441_PA426=Paragon PA441/PA426 PA441_PA428=Paragon PA441/PA428 PA441_PA430=Paragon PA441/PA430 PA441_PA464=Paragon PA441/PA464 PA443_PA426=Paragon PA443/PA426 PA443_PA428=Paragon PA443/PA428 PA443_PA430=Paragon PA443/PA430 PA443_PA464=Paragon PA443/PA464 PA445_PA426=Paragon PA445/PA426 PA445_PA428=Paragon PA445/PA428 PA445_PA430=Paragon PA445/PA430 PA445_PA432=Paragon PA445/PA432 PA445_PA456=Paragon PA445/PA456 PA445_PA464=Paragon PA445/PA464 DR0008=Paragon DR0008 (DR1008, DR2007) DR0009=Paragon DR0009 (DR1007, DR2006) DR0022=Paragon DR0022 (DR1022, DR2022) DR0040=Paragon DR0040 (DR1040, DR2040) DR2025=Paragon DR2025 DR4001=Paragon DR2061 (DR4101) DR4002=Paragon DR2062 (DR4102) DR4034=Paragon DR4134 DR4090=Paragon DR4090 DR4135=Paragon DR4135 SY4013=Paragon SY4013 DS0005=Paragon DS0005 (DS1005, DS1006) DS0005BD=Paragon DS0005BD (DS1005BD, DS1006BD) DS0030=Paragon DS0030 (DS1030) DS0035=Paragon DS0035 (DS1035) DS0090=Paragon DS0090 (DS1090) DS0091=Paragon DS0091 (DS1091) DR4014_DR4016=Paragon DR4014/DR4016 DR4014_DR4017=Paragon DR4014/DR4017 DR4014_DR4026=Paragon DR4014/DR4026 DR4015_DR4016=Paragon DR4015/DR4016 DR4015_DR4026=Paragon DR4015/DR4026 DR4030_DR4029=Paragon DR4030/DR4029 DR4031_DR4029=Paragon DR4031/DR4029 DR4042_DR4029=Paragon DR4142/DR4029 DR4043_DR4029=Paragon DR4143/DR4029 DR4046_DR4029=Paragon DR4046/DR4029 DR4047_DR4026=Paragon DR4047/DR4026 DR4030_DR4048=Paragon DR4030/DR4048 DR4031_DR4048=Paragon DR4031/DR4048 DR4042_DR4048=Paragon DR4142/DR4048 DR4043_DR4048=Paragon DR4143/DR4048 DR4046_DR4048=Paragon DR4046/DR4048 DR4147_DR4029=Paragon DR4147/DR4029 DR4147_DR4048=Paragon DR4147/DR4048 DR2063=Paragon DR2063 (DR4021, DR4023) DR2064=Paragon DR2064 (DR4020, DR4022) DR4024=Paragon DR4024 DR4125=Paragon DR4125 DR0096=Paragon DR0096 (DR1096, DR2096) DR0097=Paragon DR0097 DR1095=Paragon DR1095 (DR2095) DR4085=Paragon DR4085 (B4085) DR4086=Paragon DR4086 (B4086) DR4087=Paragon DR4087 (B4087) DR4088=Paragon DR4088 (B4088) MS0060=Paragon MS0060 (MS2060) MS0062=Paragon MS0062 PP0011=Paragon PP0011 DR0103=Paragon DR0103 (DR1103) ORA_B09BT2204A=ORA B09BT2204A ORA_B09BT2249A=ORA B09BT2249A ADG_400=Ahrens Design Group ADG-400 AVAGHON_SLIDING=Avaghon sliding BREADWINNER_LOW_MOUNT_WITH_EYELETS=Breadwinner low mount with eyelets BREADWINNER_LOW_MOUNT=Breadwinner low mount BREADWINNER_ROAD_V2=Breadwinner road V2 BREADWINNER_ROAD_V2_WITH_EYELETS=Breadwinner road V2 with eyelets BREADWINNER_SS=Breadwinner SS BINGHAM_12CON=Bingham Built 12CON BB_TO_FRONT_TIRE=BB to front tire DOWNTUBE_TO_FRONT_TIRE=Down tube to front tire BOTTOM_EDGE_OF_CROWN_TO_AXLE=Bottom edge of crown to axle SPLASH_SCREEN_IMAGE=Splash screen image USE_DEFAULT=Use default EXTRACTING_CONFIGURATION_FILES=Extracting configuration files CANT_EXTRACT_FILES=Can't extract configuration files FRONT_DERAILLEUR=Front derailleur CLAMP=Clamp BRAZEON=Braze-on DIRECT_MOUNT=Direct mount MOUNT_TYPE=Mount type MOTOR=Motor PINIONP118=Pinion P1.18 with aluminium bridge PINIONP118withCoMotion=Pinion P1.18 with Co-Motion bridge PINIONP118withSTEEL_BRIDGE=Pinion P1.18 with steel bridge PINIONP118withSTEEL_BRIDGEV3=Pinion P1.18 with steel bridge V3 SHIMANO_STEPS_6000=Shimano Steps E6000/E6001 SHIMANO_STEPS_8000=Shimano Steps E8000 BATTERY=Battery FDM771D=Shimano FD-M771-D FDM9025D=Shimano FD-M9025-D FDM9000D=Shimano FD-M9000-D FDM9000L=Shimano FD-M9000-L FD9000B=Shimano FD-9000-B FD9000F=Shimano FD-9000-F FD9070F=Shimano FD-9070-F DT_ST_NOTCH_TO_BB=Down tube - Seat tube notch to edge of BB CABLE_GUIDES=Cable guides ICON_HEIGHT=Icon height TOTAL_AVAILABLE_SPACERS=Total available spacers EXTRA_HEADSET_SPACERS=Extra headset spacers CONSTRAIN_TO_SINGLE_MONITOR=Constrain to single monitor DISCONTINUOUS=Discontinuous Field_NMOTS_01=Field (Hooded) Field_NMOTS_02=Field (Plate) FLIP=Flip DROPPER=Dropper DROP=Drop ISO4210_2_4_13_2_2=ISO 4210-2: Toe clearance ISO4210_2_ANNEX_A_b=ISO 4210-2: Annex A, b) ADD_POINTS=Add points FREEHAND=Freehand START_NEW_FREEHAND=Start new freehand sketch SHIMANO_STEPS_6000_WITH_MOTOR_CABINET=Shimano Steps E6000/E6001 with motor cabinet SHIMANO_STEPS_8000_WITH_MOTOR_CABINET=Shimano Steps E8000 with motor cabinet MASK=Mask SADDLE_TO_HANDS=Saddle to hands SADDLE_TO_HANDS_X=Saddle to hands (X) SADDLE_TO_HANDS_Y=Saddle to hands (Y) SADDLE_TO_HANDS_DIRECT=Saddle to hands (Direct) SADDLE_TIP_TO_HANDS=Saddle tip to hands SADDLE_TIP_TO_HANDS_DIRECT=Saddle tip to hands (Direct) HEAD_TUBE_BOTTOM_EXTENSION=Head tube bottom extension HTBOTEXT_X=Head tube bottom extension (X) HTBOTEXT_Y=Head tube bottom extension (Y) FIXTURING=Fixturing NOVA14212=Nova Modular 142/12 Shimano_Axle_Thread=Shimano Axle Thread PUMP=Pump PUMP1=Pump 1 PUMP2=Pump 2 PUMP3=Pump 3 IMPEROSMALL=Silca Impero Small IMPEROMEDIUM=Silca Impero Medium IMPEROLARGE=Silca Impero Large IMPEROXLARGE=Silca Impero X-Large IMPEROXXLARGE=Silca Impero XXL IMPEROXXXLARGE=Silca Impero XXXL LOCATE_AND_ORIENT=Locate and orient Rivendell_RD4=Rivendell RD-4 BafangMMG330250=Bafang MM G330.250 MIN_LENGTH=Minimum length INPUT_FIELD_COLUMNS=Input field columns SEATTUBE_TOPTUBE_JUNCTION_TO_BB_X=Seat tube - top tube junction to BB (X) SEATTUBE_TOPTUBE_JUNCTION_TO_BB_Y=Seat tube - top tube junction to BB (Y) SEATTUBE_TOPTUBE_JUNCTION_TO_TOP_OF_BB=Seat tube - top tube junction to top of BB THRU_AXLE=Thru axle GRAVEL=Gravel FAT=Fat E-BIKE=E-Bike SQUIGGLY=Squiggly RIZZO=Rizzo RIZZO_TA=Rizzo Thru axle RIZZO_UDH=Rizzo UDH ACOUSTIC_CYCLES_UDH=Acoustic Cycles UDH ALBATROSS_FASTBACK_UDH=Albatross Fastback UDH BOSCH_STEEL_NODE_V23A=Bosch Stainless/Chromoly/Ti V23A Naked Gen 2 BOSCH_ALLOTEC_GEN4=Bosch Gen 4 with Allotec E58 EXPORTMORPH=Export Morph MORPH_TO_MODEL=Morph to model FRAMES=Frames BOOMERANG=Boomerang CENTER_HORIZONTALLY=Center horizontally CALM_WHEELS=Calm wheels FatChanceYoEddy2018=Fat Chance Yo Eddy 2018 FatChanceYoEddy2020=Fat Chance Yo Eddy 2020 CLEARANCE_AT_WIDEST_POINT_OF_TIRE=Clearance at widest point of tire END_OF_STAY_DIMPLES=End of stay dimples ICON_COLORS=Icon colors EDGE_TO_EDGE_AT_FRONT=Edge to edge at front INNER_EDGE_TO_EDGE_AT_FRONT=Inner edge to edge at front EDGE_TO_EDGE_AT_REAR=Edge to edge at rear AEROBAR_BACK_OF_PAD_REACH=Aerobar reach to back of pad DIMPLEX=Dimple X DIMPLEY=Dimple Y W_FACTOR=W factor CUTOUTS=Cutouts CSCUTOUT=Choose inner or outer edge BATTERY_LOCATION=Battery location BOSCH_BATTERY1=Bosch BES2 0275.007.534 BOSCH_BES3_PM250=Bosch BES3 PowerMore 250 SHIMANO_BATTERY1=Shimano BT-E6000 SHIMANO_BATTERY2=Shimano BT-E6010 SHIMANO_BATTERY3=Shimano BT-E8010 BMZ_AKKU_V2=BMZ Akku V2 BMZ_AKKU_V5=BMZ Akku V5 LOOPED_STAYS=Looped stays LOOPED_STAY_RADIUS=Looped stay radius EXTENSION_FOR_LOOPED_STAYS=Extension for looped stays BafangM800=Bafang MM G530.200.C YOKE=Yoke LICHEN_PRECISION_OGQ=Lichen Precision OGQ LICHEN_PRECISION_OGQ_FLAT_MOUNT=Lichen Precision OGQ Flat Mount LICHEN_PRECISION_QDW=Lichen Precision QDW LICHEN_PRECISION_UDH=Lichen Precision UDH LICHEN_PRECISION_UDH_V2=Lichen Precision UDH V2 LICHEN_PRECISION_VHS=Lichen Precision VHS PINIONP118withParagonPP0001=Pinion P1.18 with Paragon PP0001 CHAINSTAY=Chainstay SEATSTAY=Seatstay KONGA=Konga 3" KONGA235=Konga 2.35" KONGA2HALF=Konga 2" Half KONGA26HALF=Konga 2.6" Half ONE_PIECE_BAR_STEM=One piece bar stem SHOE_AND_CRANK_SIZE_IN_TOE_OVERLAP_VIEW=Shoe and crank size in toe overlap view AUX_GENERAL=General AUX_CHAINSTAYS=Chainstays AUX_SEATSTAYS=Seatstays DUAL=Dual BOSCH_TI_GEN4=Bosch Ti Gen4-V1B BOSCH_ALU_GEN4=Bosch Aluminum Gen4-V1B METHOD=Method HAND_TWEAK_X=Hand tweak (X) HAND_TWEAK_Y=Hand tweak (Y) BB_TO_HANDS=BB to hands BB_TO_HANDS_X=BB to hands (X) BB_TO_HANDS_Y=BB to hands (Y) BB_TO_HANDS_ANGLE=BB to hand angle HANDS_TO_REARAXLE_X=Hands to rear axle (X) HANDS_TO_REARAXLE_Y=Hands to rear axle (Y) HANDS_TO_FRONTAXLE_X=Hands to front axle (X) HANDS_TO_FRONTAXLE_Y=Hands to front axle (Y) STEM_BASE_TO_HANDELBAR_END_X=Stem base to handlebar end (X) STEM_BASE_TO_HANDELBAR_END_Y=Stem base to handlebar end (Y) STEM_BASE_TO_HANDELBAR_END2_X=Stem base to handlebar end 2 (X) STEM_BASE_TO_HANDELBAR_END2_Y=Stem base to handlebar end 2 (Y) IRD_BROSKI_SLIDING=IRD Broski Sliding TANGE_LR25=Tange LR25 TANGE_LR26A-1=Tange LR26 TANGE_LR27=Tange LR27 TANGE_LR28=Tange LR28 TANGE_LR29=Tange LR29 TangeLR28Shimano_LR28FMTA=TA Shimano FM TangeLR28SRAM_LR28FMTA=TA SRAM FM TangeLR28DTSwiss_LR28FMTA=TA DT Swiss FM TangeLR28Shimano_LR28ISOTA=TA Shimano ISO TangeLR28SRAM_LR28ISOTA=TA SRAM ISO TangeLR28DTSwiss_LR28ISOTA=TA DT Swiss ISO TangeLR28QR_TangeLR28FMQR=QR FM TangeLR28QR_TangeLR28ISOQR=QR ISO ALLOTEC_C23=Allotec C23 ALLOTEC_C25=Allotec C25 ALLOTEC_C40=Allotec C40 ALLOTEC_C49=Allotec C49 ALLOTEC_C82=Allotec C82 SEROTTA_2020=Serotta 2020 EXPORTFREECAD=Export to FreeCAD EXPORT_STANDARD=Export BCAD with standardized menus REYNOLDS_3D=Reynolds 3D HEADTUBE_BOTTOM_HYDRA=Head tube bottom (Hydra) VEAS=Veas 01 Pinch_boss_length=Pinch boss length Waterbottle_boss_length=Water bottle boss length Waterbottle_boss_dia=Water bottle boss diameter Waterbottle_boss_hole_dia=Water bottle boss hole diameter Bridge_hole_dia=Bridge hole diameter ST_slot_hole_dia=Seat tube slot hole diameter ST_slot_depth=Seat tube slot depth ST_slot_width=Seat tube slot width Default_dropout_plate_thick=Default dropout plate thickness Default_dropout_hood_width=Default dropout hood width EXPORT=Export EXPORT_TO_FREECAD=Export to FreeCAD LICHEN_PRECISION_FRMYS19GRV=Lichen Precision FRMYS19GRV LICHEN_PRECISION_FRMYS19MTB=Lichen Precision FRMYS19MTB LogoThickness1=Logo thickness 1 LogoThickness2=Logo thickness 2 BafangMM520=Bafang MM G520G521 AEROBAR_TOP_VIEW=Aerobar top view FatChanceTiYoke=Fat Chance Ti Yoke FatChanceSteelYoke=Fat Chance Steel Yoke REARAXLE_TO_HEADTUBE_X=Rear axle to headtube (X) REARAXLE_TO_HEADTUBE_Y=Rear axle to headtube (Y) REARAXLE_TO_SEATTUBE_PERP_HT=Rear axle to seattube perpendicular to headtube REARAXLE_TO_SEATTUBE_PERP_HT_BB=Rear axle to seattube perpendicular to headtube to BB REARAXLE_TO_SEATTUBE_PERP_ST_BB=Rear axle to seattube perpendicular to seattube to BB SEATTUBE_TO_HT_PERP_TO_HT=Seattube to Headtube perpendicular to headtube SEATTUBE_TO_SEATTUBE_IN_LINE_WITH_HT=Seattube to seattube in-line with rear axle perpendicular to headtube SEATTUBE_TO_SEATTUBE_IN_LINE_WITH_HT_TO_FRONT_BB=Seattube to seattube in-line with rear axle perpendicular to headtube to front BB RIM_WIDTH=Rim width AXLETOSEATTUBE=Rear axle to seat tube AXLETOSEATTUBECL=Rear axle to seat tube centerline PILOT_FLATMOUNT=Pilot flatmount PILOT_SLIDING=Pilot sliding SADDLETIP_TO_FRONTOFRAILS=Saddle tip to front of rails TIRE_HEIGHT=Tire height MAX_DROP=Maximum drop CURRENT_DROP=Current drop MAKE_DIMS_HORIZONTAL=Make dimensions horizontal EXIT_WITHOUT_SAVING=Exit without saving CURVE_CYCLING=Curve Cycling REARAXLE_TO_BACK_TOP_OF_SEATTUBE=Rear axle to back top of seat tube BRKLNDtrack=BRKLND track CHAINRING_RADIUS_BIG=Chainring radius (big) CHAINRING_RADIUS_MEDIUM=Chainring radius (medium) CHAINRING_RADIUS_SMALL=Chainring radius (small) SHIMANO_DURA_ACE_9120=Shimano Dura-Ace 9120 SHIMANO_DURA_ACE_9270=Shimano Dura-Ace 9270 SHIMANO_GRX=Shimano GRX SRAM_FORCE_ETAP_AXS=SRAM Force eTap AXS SRAM_RED_ETAP_AXS=SRAM RED eTap AXS SRAM_RED_AXS=SRAM RED AXS SRAM_RIVAL_ETAP_AXS=SRAM Rival eTap AXS CAMPAGNOLO_EKAR=Campagnolo Ekar SADDLE_TIP_TO_BB=Saddle tip to BB WITTSON_CUSTOM=Wittson Custom COBRA_ST_DIFF=Cobra ST/HT Angle Difference BearFrameSupplies31.8mm=Bear Frame Supplies 31.8mm BearFrameSupplies58DegFlatMount=Bear Frame Supplies 58 Degree Flat Mount BearFrameSuppliesLowMountTA=Bear Frame Supplies Low Mount TA TOTAL_LENGTH=Total length TangeShimano=Shimano TangeSRAM=SRAM TangeDTSwiss=DT Swiss REACH_TO_TOP_OF_HEADSET=Reach to top of headset STACK_TO_TOP_OF_HEADSET=Stack to top of headset COBRA_SIDEWINDER_V9=Cobra Framebuilding Sidewinder V9 COBRA_SIDEWINDER_V10=Cobra Framebuilding Sidewinder V10 COBRA_SIDEWINDER_V11=Cobra Framebuilding Sidewinder V11 VECTOR_LOGO=Vector logo rollingdaleV1=Rollingdale V1 TITLEBLOCK_LOGO=Title block logo TITLEBLOCK_BACKGROUND=Title block background SIMON_COULOMBIER=Simon Coulombier TABLES=Tables ADD_COLUMN=Add column ADD_ROW=Add row DEL_COLUMN=Delete column DEL_ROW=Delete row BAKTUBE=Head tube DEAN_TT_DIM=Top tube/seat tube intersection to top of top tube/head tube miter MIDDLE_HEADTUBE=Middle head tube BUCKET=Bucket RECENT_FILES=Recent files BAKTUBESTYLETIP=Select middle head tube style COAST_CYCLES=Coast Cycles WIDTH_AT_BOTTOM=Width at bottom RIDER_and_BIKE=Rider and bike RIDER_OUT_OF_SADDLE_and_BIKE=Rider out of saddle with bike RIDER_OUT_OF_SADDLE=Rider out of saddle CENTER_OF_MASS=Center of mass HEIGHT_FROM_BB_OR_GROUND=Height from BB or ground COM_ANGLE_FRONT=COM Angle - Front COM_ANGLE_REAR=COM Angle - Rear COM_HEIGHT_FROM_GROUND=COM Height from Ground COM_HEIGHT_FROM_BB=COM Height from BB COM_OFFSET_FROM_BB=COM Offset from BB COM_TO_FRONT_CONTACT=COM to Front Contact COM_TO_REAR_CONTACT=COM to Rear Contact COM_TO_FRONT_CONTACT_X=COM to Front Contact (X) COM_TO_REAR_CONTACT_X=COM to Rear Contact (X) END_OF_HANDLEBAR_TO_FRONT_CONTACT_PATCH=End of handlebar to front contact patch END_OF_HANDLEBAR_TO_FRONT_CONTACT_PATCH_ANGLE=End of handlebar to front contact patch angle END_OF_HANDLEBAR_TO_FRONT_CONTACT_PATCH_X=End of handlebar to front contact patch (X) END_OF_HANDLEBAR_TO_FRONT_CONTACT_PATCH_Y=End of handlebar to front contact patch (Y) SADDLE_TO_REAR_CONTACT_PATCH=Saddle to rear contact patch SADDLE_TO_REAR_CONTACT_PATCH_X=Saddle to rear contact patch (X) SADDLE_TO_REAR_CONTACT_PATCH_ANGLE=Saddle to rear contact patch angle DIM_HIGHLIGHT1=Dimension highlight 1 DIM_HIGHLIGHT2=Dimension highlight 2 DIM_HIGHLIGHT3=Dimension highlight 3 DIM_HIGHLIGHT4=Dimension highlight 4 DIM_HIGHLIGHT5=Dimension highlight 5 DIM_HIGHLIGHT6=Dimension highlight 6 DIM_HIGHLIGHT7=Dimension highlight 7 SPECIALZ=Z EFFECTIVE_TOP_TUBE_Z=Effective top tube (Z) STRATO_DSO-22=Strato DSO-22 ZANGLE=Z angle HEADTUBE_BOTTOM_VIENNA_X=Head tube bottom (Vienna X) HEADTUBE_BOTTOM_VIENNA_Y=Head tube bottom (Vienna Y) STEERER_TUBE_TO_AXLE_ANGLE=Steerer tube to axle angle STAY_SLAYER_SPACER_WIDTH=Stay Slayer spacer width STAY_SLAYER_SPACER_OFFSET=Stay Slayer spacer offset ST_DIM_DISPLAY=Seat tube dimension display CUSTOM_STANDOVER_HEIGHT=Custom standover height STRATO_GRAVEL=Strato Gravel STRATO_MTB=Strato MTB SINGLE_MODEL=Single model MULTIPLE_MODELS=Multiple models FOLDER_CONTAINING_BCAD_FILES=Folder containing BCAD files NO_BCAD_FILES_IN_THIS_FOLDER=No BCAD files in this folder FILE_NAME=File name TIMESTAMP=Timestamp CHERUBIM_FIXTURE_POINT_TO_BB=Cherubim fixture point to BB CHERUBIM_FIXTURE_POINT_TO_FORK_CROWN=Cherubim fixture point to fork crown CHERUBIM_FIXTURE_POINT_TO_HEADTUBE_BOTTOM=Cherubim fixture point to head tube bottom HEADTUBE_BOTTOM_PERPENDICULAR_TO_SEATTUBE_X=Head tube bottom perpendicular to seat tube (X) HEADTUBE_BOTTOM_PERPENDICULAR_TO_SEATTUBE_Y=Head tube bottom perpendicular to seat tube (Y) TOP_OF_STEM_TO_BOTTOM_OF_CROWN=Top of stem to bottom of crown AI=AI LOOPING_ANGLE=Looping angle ENDO_ANGLE=Endo angle KNEE_TO_HANDLEBAR=Knee to handlebar KNEE_TO_HANDLEBAR_END=Knee to handlebar end CONSTRAINED_NODE=Constrained nodes DISPLACEMENT_SENSOR=Displacement sensor FORCE_VECTOR=Force vector OFFSET_FROM_AXLE=Offset from axle BLOCK_HEIGHT=Block height ANGLE_OF_ATTACK=Angle of attack HANDS_TO_STEM_CAP=Hands to stem cap DOWNTUBEFRONTEDGEANGLE=Down tube front edge angle TOPTUBEFRONTEDGEANGLE=Top tube front edge angle HEADTUBE_DIAMETER_AT_BOTTOM_EDGE_OF_DOWNTUBE=Head tube diameter at bottom edge of down tube HEADTUBE_DIAMETER_AT_TOP_EDGE_OF_DOWNTUBE=Head tube diameter at top edge of down tube HEADTUBE_DIAMETER_AT_BOTTOM_EDGE_OF_TOPTUBE=Head tube diameter at bottom edge of top tube HEADTUBE_DIAMETER_AT_TOP_EDGE_OF_TOPTUBE=Head tube diameter at top edge of top tube ADD_FROM_CSV=Add from CSV file HILITE_V1=HILITE V1 FLATTOP=Flattop ETB_JIG_MARK_III=ETB Jig Mark III ETB_JIG_MARK_III_A=ETB Jig Mark III A ETB_JIG_MARK_III_B=ETB Jig Mark III B ETB_JIG_MARK_III_D=ETB Jig Mark III D ETB_QR_ISO=ETB QR ISO ETB_ROAD_QR=ETB Road QR ETB_TA_FLAT=ETB TA Flat ETB_TA_ISO=ETB TA ISO ETB_TRACK=ETB Track ALTERNATE_TIMING_CHAIN=Alternate timing chain BULK_EXPORT=Bulk export SEATSTAY_BOTTOM_TO_ST_TT=Seat stay bottom to ST/TT FREEFLOW=FreeFlow KOCMO_HGZ=Kocmo HGZ CHAINSTAY_SEATTUBE_ANGLE=Chain stay - seat tube angle TORQUE=Torque ROTATION_SENSOR=Rotation sensor SIMILAR_BIKE=Similar bike IN_PLANE_LOADING=In-plane loading TRANSVERSE_LOADING=Transverse loading ECCENTRIC_LOADING=Eccentric loading FORCEDO=Force at dropout FORCEBB=Force at BB DISPLACEDOX=Displacement at dropout (X) DISPLACEDOY=Displacement at dropout (Y) DISPLACEBBX=Displacement at BB (X) DISPLACEBBY=Displacement at BB (Y) FORCEBBZ=Force at BB (Z) DISPLACEBBZ=Displacement at BB (Z) TORQUEBB=Torque at BB ROTATIONSENSOR=Rotation sensor at BB FORCEBBY=Force at BB (Y) DISPLACEBBY2=Displacement at BB (Y) UDH=UDH DASHED_LINES=Dashed lines CLOUDICON=Submit LOGO_BORDER=Logo border BUTTING=Butting BOSCH_BES3_SMART_SYSTEM_400=Bosch BES3 Smart System 400 BOSCH_BES3_SMART_SYSTEM_545=Bosch BES3 Smart System 545 BOSCH_BES3_SMART_SYSTEM_725=Bosch BES3 Smart System 725 HELMET_STYLE=Helmet style FRAME_WEIGHT=Frame weight GRAMS=g POUNDS=lbs DROPPERU=U STAY_SLAYER_SPACER=X CUSTOM_STANDOVER=X BATTERY_ANG=\u2220 PHI_SYMBOL=\u03d5 BUCKETX=X BUCKETY=Y BUCKET1X=X1 BUCKET1Y=Y1 BUCKET2X=X2 BUCKET2Y=Y2 BUCKET3X=X3 BUCKET3Y=Y3 AEROPAD_ANGLE=\u2220 CHAINSTAY_X=X CHAINSTAY_Z=Z DISTANCE_FROM_END=\u2192 FENDERWIDTH=W FENDERTHICK=T SIDE_COVERAGE=H CLEARANCE_ABOVE_TIRE=C SEATPOSTRADIUS=R HTBOTEXTX=X HTBOTEXTY=Y DROPPERD2=D2 DROPPERD3=D3 DROPPERNUT=N DROPPERL2=L2 ST_TOP_LENGTH=J ST_BOTTOM_LENGTH=K PIXELS=px CALTHETA=\u03d1 CBLD=D CBLL=L CBLD2=D CBLL2=L THETA=\u03d1 CBLX=X CBLR1=R1 CBLR2=R2 GEARBOX_A=A GEARBOX_L1=L1 GEARBOX_L2=L2 GEARBOX_W1=W1 GEARBOX_W2=W2 GEARBOX_X=X GEARBOX_Y=Y FDBRZLEN=L FDBRZWID=W FDBRZSLOT=S FDBRZX=X FDBRZSHIFT=A EXTRATUBEANGLE=\u2220 PBheight=H PBlength=L PBrad=R BOOM_TUBE_X=BTX BOOM_TUBE_Y=BTY STMY=STMY RMMSW=SW PEDAL_SPINDLE_TO_TOE=PT PEDAL_SPINDLE_TO_HEEL=PH ADD_MODELS=\u2192 HOLE_ANGLE=\u03d1 DERAILLEURX=X DERAILLEURL=L BRAKEL=AL BRAKED=D brakeAW=AW BRAKEAX=AX brakeBW=BW BRAKEBX=BX BRAKEPX=PX BRAKEPY=PY BRAKEPL=PL BRAKEPH=PH CNTIshiftX=X CNTIshiftD=D CNTIFS=FS CNTIdia1=D1 CNTIdia2=D2 CNTIlen1=L1 CNTIlen2=L2 CNTIW=W CNTIBH=BH CNTIBV=BV BRDGOFFSET=FS BRDGDIA1=D1 BRDGDIA2=D2 SnSshift=X SnSlength=L SnSlen1=L1 SnSlen2=L2 SnSdia1=D1 SnSdia2=D2 PANNIERLENTOP=LT PANNIERLENGTH=L PANNIERLENBOT=LB PANNIERYT=HT PANNIERHEIGHT=H PANNIERoffset=SB PANNIERoffsetTop=ST PANNIERRAD=R PANNIERShiftX=X PANNIERShiftY=Y CARGOLENGTH=L CARGOHEIGHT=H CARGORAD=R CARGOShiftX=X CARGOShiftY=Y rackTABF=T2 rackTABR=T1 STEMLENGTH=L STEMANGLE=\u2220 COLLARHEIGHT=E COLLARDIAMETER=F STEMG=G STEMU=U STEMV=V CLAMPOFFSET=H CLAMPDIA=M CLAMPID=N BODYDIA=J BODYFDIA=K STEMX=X STEMY=Y CUTA=A CUTB=B CUTC=C TIREWIDTH=W TIREM=M TIREN=N RACKFROM_TOP_OF_SEATSTAY=TA STRUTBASE_FROM_BACK_OF_RACK=A RACKTUBINGDIAMETER=D RACKOFFSET_FROM_SEATSTAY=TB FORKRACKX=FX FORKRACKY=FY rackS1TX=E rackS2TX=F rackS3TX=G rackS1BY=Y1 rackS3BY=Y2 rackRADS1=R1 rackRADS3=R2 rackRAD=R RACKLIP=B RACKANGLE_SYMB=\u2220 RACKLENGTH=L RACKHEIGHT=H rackS1BBY=YA rackS3BBY=YB rackRADH1=RA rackRADH3=RB HOOK_LENGTH1=HA HOOK_LENGTH3=HB LRLENGTH=LT LRLENBOT=LB LRHEIGHT=H LRoffset=S LRTHICK=T LRShiftX=X LRShiftY=Y LRRAD=R PEDAL_LENGTH=L PEDALS_WIDTH=W PEDALS_THICKNESS=H CHAINSTAY_G=G CHAINSTAY_H=H CHAINSTAY_J=J CHAINSTAY_K=K PERCENTAGE_SYMBOL=% RADIUS=R DERAILLEURHANGERL=L DERAILLEURHANGERX=X DROP_E=E DROP_F=F DROP_G=G DROP_R=R DROP_S=S PLATETHICKNESS=T TILTANGLE=\u03d1 SLOTANGLE=\u03be SLOTDEPTH=D SLOTDIA=\u00F8 SOCKETDEPTH=d SOCKETTHICK=t SOCKET_POINT=p PLATE_SIZE=A RACK_EYELET_RADIUS=R1 RACK_EYELET_ANGLE=A1 FENDER_EYELET_RADIUS=R2 FENDER_EYELET_ANGLE=A2 SPIDER_ARM_WIDTH=D SPIDER_DIAMETER=S RIMDEPTH=A RIM_SIDEWALL=B SPOKE_OFFSET=C SPOKE_OFFSET2=C2 HUB_FLANGE_DIA=D HUB_FLANGE_DIA2=D2 SPOKE_CIRC_DIA=E SPOKE_CIRC_DIA2=E2 SPOKE_HOLE_DIA=F FLANGEDIST_ND=G FLANGEDIST_DS=H SPOKE_DIA=S ERD=ERD BSD=BSD SBLADEW=J SBLADER=K CRANK_LENGTH=A WIDTH_AT_BB=B WIDTH_AT_PEDAL=C QFACTOR=Q ARMTHICKNESS=E CHNG_CRNK_CLEAR=F CHNG_W3=W3 CHNG_THICK=G CHNG_SPACING=H CHAINSTAYENDX=Cx CHAINSTAYENDY=Cy CHAINSTAYENDZ=Cz SEATSTAYENDX=Sx SEATSTAYENDY=Sy SEATSTAYENDZ=Sz CHAINSTAYEND2X=C2x CHAINSTAYEND2Y=C2y CHAINSTAYEND2Z=C2z SEATSTAYEND2X=S2x SEATSTAYEND2Y=S2y SEATSTAYEND2Z=S2z ANGLE_SYMB=\u2220 ANGLE_SYMB2=\u22202 ANGLE_ONE=\u22201 ANGLE_TWO=\u22202 ANGLE_THREE=\u22203 RIGHT_LEFT_ARROW=\u2194 UP_DOWN_ARROW=\u2195 HBARREACH=A HBARDROP=B HBAREXTEND=C HBARDIA=D HBARALPHA=\u03b1 HBARRADIUS1=R1 HBARTHETA=\u03d1 HBARRADIUS2=R2 HBARRISE=Y BULLREACH=A BULLDROP=B BULLRISE=C BULLRISY=Y BULLDIA=D BULLTHETA=\u03d1 FDTHETA=\u03d1 FDDISTC=D FDDISTD=D FDDIST=D BULLALPHA=\u03b1 BULLRADIUS1=R1 BULLRADIUS2=R2 MTNSWEEP=A MTNRISE=B MTNTOTALRISE=Y BorY=B/Y MTNDROP=C MTNDIA=D MTNGRIPDIA=E MTNRISEANG=\u03d1 UPPERARMLENGTH=A1 LOWERARMLENGTH=A2 UPPERLEGLENGTH=L1 LOWERLEGLENGTH=L2 ANKLEtoHEEL=L3 SHOULDERtoJAW=NK TORSOLENGTH=TR ANKLETHICKNESS=AD ELBOWTHICKNESS=ED FOREHEADtoBACKofHEAD=HD HIPJOINTOFFSET=HJ KNEETHICKNESS=KD THICKNESSofPELVIS=PD SHOULDERroll=SR CHAINSTAYTAPERLENGTH=T CHAINSTAYDIAMETERATNARROWEND=VR CHAINSTAYVERTDIAMETER=VF CHAINSTAYHORZDIAMETER=HF CHAINSTAYAUXrearDIAMETER=HR CSOFFSET=E CENTERofCHAINSTAYfromBB=F YOKE_TO_BB=F SEATSTAYTOPDIAMETER=VF SEATSTAYBOTTOMDIAMETER=VR SEATSTAYTAPERLENGTH=T SEATSTAYJUNCTION=E SEATSTAYAUXrearDIAMETER=HR SEATSTAYAUXfrontDIAMETER=HF SSTopZOFFSET=Z SSTopXOFFSET=F SEATSTAY_G=G SEATSTAY_H=Z SEATSTAY_J=J SEATSTAY_K=K SEATSTAY_OFFSET=R WISHBONE_DIAMETER=W PADVERT=PY PADHORZ=PX AEROF=F AEROG=G HANDVERT=HY HANDHORZ=HX AEROBAR_EX=EX PAD2PADW=PW HAND2HANDW=HW AEROBARDIA=D AEROPAD_LENGTH=C AEROPAD_LIP=B AEROPAD_THICK=A HBARRAD1=R1 HBARRAD2=R2 SEATPOSTDIAMETERtext=D SEATPOSTCHORDLENGTH=D SEATPOST_LENGTH=L SEATPOSTSETBACK=SB SEATPOSTA=A CLAMPB=B CLAMPC=C SPC_FRONT=A SPC_REAR=B SPC_LIP=C SPC_RAD1=R1 SPC_RAD2=R2 SPC_Y=Y SPC_THICK=T SPC_OFFSET=X SPC_DIA=D SPC_WID=W SPC_HIG=H SPC_RAD3=R3 BOXX=X BOXY=Y BOXW=W BOXH=H BOXA=A BOSS_T=T BOSS_D=D AXLE_ADJ=Z AXLE_OFF=Y CassA=A CassT=T CassZ=Z BELT_PITCH=P BELT_WIDTH=W CHAIN_WIDTH=W DIAMETERatREAR=G DIA2atREAR=H DIAMETERatFRONT=J DIA2atFRONT=K DEAN1=DEAN 1 DEAN2=DEAN 2 DEAN3=DEAN 3 DEAN4=DEAN 4 JFX=Cobra/JF X JFY=Cobra/JF Y BAKX=X BAKY=Y BAKL=L BAKANG=\u2220