TRANSLATION_CREDIT=American English by Brent Curry EXPORT_MITRE_TEMPLATE=Export miter template (PDF) MITERS=Miters FIT_ADVISOR=Fit adviser INCLUDE_TAB_IN_FIT_ADVISOR=Include tab in fit adviser CENTERLINES=Centerlines FRONTCENTER=Front center FRONTCENTERdistance=Front center distance SEATTUBE_TOOLTIP=Define the seat tube length by
center to center or center to top SHOEfromCRANK=Center of shoe from outside face of crank SEATSTAY_MITER_ANGLE=Seat stay miter angle TOPTUBEFRONTMITER=Top tube front miter angle TOPTUBEREARMITER=Top tube rear miter angle DOWNTUBEFRONTMITER=Down tube front miter angle DOWNTUBEREARMITER=Down tube rear miter angle M2MTOPofSEATtoTIPofMITER=Top face of seat tube to tip of BB miter FRAMEandFORKcolors=Frame and fork colors MITRING=Mitering CHAINSTAY_MITER_ANGLE=Chain stay miter angle CHOOSECOLOR=Choose color DECALTEXTandCOLORS=Decal text and colors DOWNTUBELEADINGEDGE=Down tube leading edge offset from centerline M2MTOPTOPTUBE=Miter to miter distance along top of top tube M2MBOTTOMTOPTUBE=Miter to miter distance along bottom of top tube M2MTOPDOWNTUBE=Miter to center of BB measured along top of down tube M2MTOPDOWNTUBEnotch=Miter to miter distance along top of down tube M2MBOTTOMDOWNTUBE=Miter to center of BB measured along bottom of down tube M2MBOTTOMDOWNTUBEdeep=Miter to deepest point of BB miter measured along bottom of down tube M2MTOPDOWNTUBEdeep=Miter to deepest point of BB miter measured along top of down tube M2MTOPofSEATTUBEtoBB=Top face of seat tube to BB miter (measured along side of frame) SEATTUBEMITER_TO_BOTTOM_EDGE_OF_TOPTUBE=Seat tube miter to bottom edge of top tube METERS=Meters MILLIMETERS=Millimeters ROLLOUT=Rollout or Meters of development COLOR_SCHEMES=Color Schemes COLOR_SCHEME=Color Scheme PLEASE_ENTER_NAME_FOR_COLOR_SCHEME=Please enter name for color scheme ST_IS_MITERED_TO_DT=Seat tube is mitered to down tube DT_IS_MITERED_TO_ST=Down tube is mitered to seat tube FRONTCENTER_HORIZONTAL=Front center (Horizontal) THREE_COLOR_ANGLED=Three Color Angled TWO_COLOR_ANGLED=Two Color Angled COLOR=Color NEW_COLOR_SCHEME=New color scheme CHANGE_COLOR=Change color COPY_COLOR=Copy color COPIED_COLOR=Copy color PASTE_COLOR=Paste color MITERANGLEatDA=Miter angle at DA MITERANGLEatDB=Miter angle at DB CENTER_TO_CENTER=Center to center BOTTLE_BOSS1A=Boss A (from miter) BOTTLE_BOSS1B=Boss B (from miter)