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My Dimensions dialogue box opens empty (blank)


Dimensions dialog box

I'd be curious to know if resizing the dialog box helps the situation. You can resize the dimensions dialog box by grabbing the bottom corner of the box and dragging it bigger or smaller. Doing this should force the components of the dialog box to repaint on the screen.


No, it comes up a tall box which I can move around but canot move it up to get to a bottom, it basicly takes up the entire side of the screen.

Resizing dimensions dialog box

You definitely can resize the dimensions dialog box. If you've dragged it down so the bottom edge is no longer accessible, you can always resize it by dragging the top edge. It may take some practice, but you already seem to know how to drag the whole box. To resize the box just hover the mouse pointer over the edge of the dialog box until it changes from a single arrow to a line with an arrow at both ends, then drag.

The video tutorial at: bikecad.ca/managing_dialog_boxes is related to this.

Resizing dimensions dialog box

Yes, That got it. It was just hiding.



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