Dimensions (Creating angular dimensions with respect to horizontal)

BikeCAD includes a huge array of built in dimensions which are controlled in the dimensions dialog box. Still, there may be the odd case when you'll want to take a quick measurement between two random references that are not readily available in the dimensions dialog box. For these situations, we have user dimensions. In BikeCAD Pro, we create user dimensions by right clicking at a point on the screen. A pop-up menu will appear and we can choose to start various forms of linear dimensions as well as angular dimensions. This has all been covered in an earlier video. What is new in BikeCAD Pro version 11.5 is the option to display an angular dimension with respect to the horizontal. To create a dimension of this type, right click on the screen and choose Start angular dimension from horizontal. As we move the mouse we'll see a dimension reflecting the angle (with respect to horizontal) of the line between the current position of the mouse and the initially selected point. As with other user dimensions, we can finish this dimension by right clicking again and choosing End angular dimension. Right clicking once more and choosing Save dimension will save the dimension in our User dimensions tab. If we like, we can give this dimension a name here as well. Toggling the symbolic dimension icon will display the name of this dimension on the screen instead of the numeric value.