Animated GIFs (Exporting from BikeCAD Pro)

To save an animated GIF in BikeCAD Pro, select File >> Save animated GIF.

In the demonstration above we save an animation where the rider stays in place as if on rollers by checking the box labelled Animate in place. We also choose for the GIF file to repeat indefinitely.

In many cases it would be redundant to record more than a single crank rotation. However, because you can also animate the upper body, you may choose to record multiple crank rotations so that in that time we might witness a smaller amount of upper body movement.

The bounds sliders determine how far the rider will crouch and how upright they'll be at the other extreme.

We can also enter the width and height of our output file. The width and height will always maintain the aspect ratio of the BikeCAD window, so if we wish for a different aspect ratio, just adjust the size of the window.

In the second example above, we drag the rider off the screen and repeat the first demonstration but with the Animate in place box unchecked.