Chromebook (Running BikeCAD on)

You can run BikeCAD Pro on a Chromebook and here's how it's done.

We start by clicking the menu at the bottom left corner of the screen and choosing Settings and then Advanced, and then Developers.

We then click the button to Turn on the Linux Development Environment.

It's safe to pick through the defaults here and click Install.

A Terminal window will appear and in order to ensure that our Linux installation is up-to-date, we'll type:

sudo apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade -y

Next, we'll install the Java Developer Kit by typing:

sudo apt-get install default-jdk

If we want to confirm the successful installation of Java, we can type:

java -version

In this case, we've got OpenJDK 11.0.21.

Next, if we go to the Files app and navigate to our Downloads folder where we should have downloaded BikeCAD for Linux. This will be in a zip file, so we'll right click on it and select Extract all. This will reveal the BikeCAD program in the form of a Java Jar file.

It is possible to run the program right out of the downloads folder. However, in this example, I'll right click and choose Copy from the popup menu and go to the Linux files folder and right click to Paste the file there.

If we go back to the Terminal window and type: ls to list files, we'll see the BikeCAD Jar file is in the current working directory.

We can now launch BikeCAD by typing:

java -jar "bikeCADPro.jar"

You can continue to launch the app from the terminal window. However, in the next video, I'll describe how you can add a desktop icon to automate the launching of the app.