Cleats (positioning)

When a model of a rider was first added to BikeCAD Pro, the foot was positioned such that the ball of the foot lay directly above the pedal. The position could be tweaked fore and aft with dimension CLTX, one end of which was fixed at the ball of the foot. This was convenient because as different sized riders were modeled with smaller or larger shoes, the pedals would always be located just under the ball of the foot. The trouble with this approach is that the ball of the foot is an imprecise landmark. Furthermore, shoe styles and the feet that go in them come in many different proportions. As fitters become more meticulous about documenting all aspects of a rider's fit, they want to be able to measure from repeatable landmarks. This is why in BikeCAD version 10, the option to position the shoe by the distance from the axle of the pedal to the toe of the shoe (dimension PT) was added. In BikeCAD version 16, all bases are now covered with the option to locate the shoe from the axle of the pedal to the heel of the shoe (dimension PH).