Seatposts (Constant diameter)

In a typical forged seatpost, there will be a section at the top where the cross section of the post may cease to be circular as the post is swept back allowing for seatpost setback and for the saddle clamp to fasten to the post. BikeCAD does a good job of applying a curve to the seatpost profile in this top section providing a decent representation of a traditional forged seatpost. This only becomes problematic when attempting to represent other styles of seatposts such as the Thomson Elite Layback post where there is a bend fairly far down the post and the circular cross section is extended above the bend. In BikeCAD version 13, we have a new checkbox to specify a constant diameter post. If there is any setback in the post a bend will be applied at distance A from the top of the post. The radius of the inside of the bend can be specified by dimension R. If R is set to zero, then a miter joint will be represented instead of a bend.