Colors (Copy and Pasting)

Let's suppose we've got a painted BikeCAD model like this and we've used the Hue/Saturation and Value colour chooser to select a very unique colour for our frame. In the past, if we wanted to replicate that colour on the fork, we would need to remember these numeric values for hue/saturation and value and re-enter those numbers when selecting a colour for the fork.

In BikeCAD version 10.5, we now have the option to copy a colour. By right clicking (or CTRL click on a Mac) and selecting Copy colour we can copy the selected colour to our Paint dialog box. To apply that colour to our fork, simply right click on the fork and choose Paste colour.

The colour you choose to copy can come from anywhere in your model. Suppose, we have a fade paint scheme with a daisy pattern in the front end. If we'd like to sample the off-white colour of the petals, we can right click on the petal, select Copy colour and then click on the back end of the bike and choose Paste colour to apply the off-white colour from the petal to colour number two on the frame.