Fit Advisor: Determining Rider Anatomy From

Rider anatomy

To customize how the Fit advisor translates the 6 basic body dimensions into the more complex dimensions of the rider that can be shown on the BikeCAD model, click View >> Customize (or ALT-V, ALT-C). This will launch the Customization dialog box. Choose the Fit advisor tab and then the Fit advisor >> Rider anatomy tab shown below:

If you do not wish to display a tab for converting Fit advisor dimensions to Rider anatomy dimensions, you can uncheck the Include tab in fit advisor check box.

Fit advisor >> Rider anatomy

Each of the rider anatomy dimensions is calculated as a function of the six basic body dimensions.

Owners of BikeCAD Pro are free to change these formula. If a different means of measuring the six basic body dimensions is used as below, then these formula will definitely have to be changed.


When saved, the Fit advisor settings are stored in the directory BikeCAD Pro\configuration. The file is called fit_advisor.xml. If you feel that your Fit advisor settings are better than the default values, I'd love to hear from you. Through feedback from other users, the fit_advisor.xml file should evolve to produce optimal fit for the majority of riders. The most current file can be downloaded from here: fit_advisor.xml.