Dual monitor (and going back to single monitor)

A number of designers are using a dual monitor setup with BikeCAD. This allows them to have the main BikeCAD window in one monitor and a number of dialog boxes spread out around the second monitor. This has caused some trouble in the past when switching back to a single monitor. When dialog boxes were launched, they would not appear as they would have returned to their previous location which was out of the range of a single monitor.

In BikeCAD version 13, you'll notice if you select View >> Customize, there will be a new check box called Constrain to single monitor. This box is checked by default to ensure that when BikeCAD is launched all dialog boxes will fit within a single monitor. If you intend to use a dual monitor at all times, feel free to uncheck this box, but know that you can always recheck it if you go back to a single monitor.