Headset spacers (Extra)

In BikeCAD, we've always been able to define the height of the spacers used to raise the stem above the base level defined by the top of the headset. However, to allow for the stem to be raised further at some point in the future, a shop will often cut the steerer tube of the fork a little long and stack some extra spacers above the stem. In BikeCAD version 13, we can account for these extra spacers with the total available spacers field. When the total available spacers field is larger than the value in the spacers field, the difference is displayed in the form of extra spacers above the stem. It is a general rule in BikeCAD that once you've entered a value in an input field nothing will change that value until you change it again yourself. The total available spacers field is an exception to this rule as it will update automatically if the spacers field is changed to a value greater than the total available spacers.