Installing BikeCAD Pro on a PC (Remember to extract setup file first)

This page offers a few extra tips for anyone in need of extra assistance after reading the main page about installing BikeCAD Pro on Windows.

This is just a quick reminder regarding the installation of BikeCAD Pro on a PC. You cannot actually do anything with the executable setup file that installs BikeCAD Pro until you've extracted it from the zip file that you downloaded it in. You'll notice that you can double click on the zip file and see that the executable setup file is contained inside it. However, you really can't do anything with that file until it's been extracted from the zip file. One way to do that is to use CTRL-C and CTRL-V to copy and paste the file into another folder or onto your desktop as the above video demonstrates. Alternatively, you can just right click on the zip file and choose Extract All...

Beyond that, the only other thing to remember is to right click on the Executable setup file and choose Run As Administrator and finally be sure that you have Java installed on your machine. You can download Java from