Framing Bike in Printouts

Dimensions do not fit on page

When printing a design (either directly to your printer, or to a PDF file) you may find that certain dimensions do not fit on the page. An example of this is shown here.

Dimensions fit on page

The solution is to turn on the display of the title block. When the title block is turned on, the bike gets placed inside a frame or border with a specified amount of padding between the edges of the bike and the edge of the sheet. By using a title block, you can adjust the margins to fit all of the dimensions as shown here.

Dimensions fit on page

Note that even when you have the title block turned on, you can still disable all of the text elements contained within the title block so that the title block itself is not shown, but the bike is still displayed within the frame with all of the specified padding around it.

For more information on setting up the title block, see here.