Free standalone version of BikeCAD

The free version of BikeCAD has always run inside a web browser. Originally, it was a Java applet, and you can still run it this way, but only in Internet Explorer and only after configuring your Java exception site list. These days, the simpler option is to run it without the Java plugin. This employs a tool called CheerpJ. Although it is slow to load, it will run on any operating system including phones and iPads.

Since BikeCAD Pro runs as a standalone application on PC, Mac or Linux, many have asked for a demo version that also runs as a standalone application. This is now available at Scroll to the bottom and download your free demo in PC or Mac format. You can copy the URL of any BikeCAD model in the Design archive and open it in the demo version or save designs to your account on You can also save and retrieve designs locally. There are a few other perks of this demo version. Among them is the option to export an animation of one design morphing to another.