FreeCAD (Exporting to)

Because #BikeCAD accounts for all three dimensions as we can see in the auxiliary views of the stays, BikeCAD has long been the only CAD tool many builders have needed to design and build their frames. However, there is still value in examining a design in a more immersive 3D environment. To that end, BikeCAD version 17 features an export to FreeCAD option accessible by selecting File > Export to FreeCAD. Before clicking Export, there are a few dimensions in the Export to FreeCAD dialog box which will need to be entered such as specs for BB shell and head tube wall thickness, rim width, seat tube slot, etc.

The resulting Python script file can be opened in FreeCAD which is a free 3D parametric modeling tool downloadable from . To run the script, click the green play button at the top of the FreeCAD interface.

Note that the model will appear in colour if full colour mode was selected in BikeCAD, using hidden line or wireframe modes will result in a white model.