FreeCAD (Installing requests library)

BikeCAD version 17, includes a new export to FreeCAD option. This option produces a Python script file which can be opened in FreeCAD.

Opening the Python file and clicking the green play button at the top of the FreeCAD interface should reveal your BikeCAD design. However, in this particular version of FreeCAD, we actually get an error in attempting to run the script. In this case, the error is due to the fact that FreeCAD 19.2 for PCs does not include a Python library called requests. There is an easy solution for this. Simply download the file at: Extract the contents of this zip file to obtain a Python script file called

Open this file in FreeCAD and click the green play button. The FreeCAD Report view should say "Successfully installed requests". After restarting FreeCAD, you should be able to open the Python file containing your BikeCAD design.