Front derailleurs

In BikeCAD version 12.5 we have the ability to add front derailleurs to our designs. To add a front derailleur, click on the Drivetrain icon and choose the Front derailleur tab. Check the include button to turn on the front derailleur.

Select the mount type from the menu. Currently, you can select from braze-on, clamp or direct mount. Within each type of mount, there are a variety of derailleurs to choose from. The derailleur is positioned mostly through dimension D. The position of braze-on and direct mount derailleurs can be further refined using dimension A.

If we turn on the display of the chain and switch from the large ring to the smaller ring, we'll notice the derailleur cage plates will shift down as well. In the case of a side swing derailleur, the movement will be more sideways.

If we turn off the display of the derailleur, the derailleur will disappear, but when applicable, the braze-on mount or direct mount will remain visible on the frame.

Dimensions relating to the front derailleur can be turned on in the Dimensions dialog box by selecting the Components tab, then the Drivetrain tab and the Front derailleur sub-tab.