Head tube (Selecting tube profiles)

BikeCAD can model a wide array of head tube styles. Besides a simple constant diameter head tube such as this, we can model an aero profile, a variable diameter head tube and new in BikeCAD version 11.5 a tapered head tube. While tapered head tubes could always have been modelled using the variable diameter option, it was less convenient as it would require setting a number of input fields to zero and setting two of the three available head tube diameter measurements equal to one another.

With the multiple input fields associated with these tube styles, several users have requested the option to save head tubes in a standard library so that common head tubes can be brought into a design with greater ease. This library option has been added to BikeCAD version 11.5. While any BikeCAD Pro user can add additional head tubes to their own library, the library does come pre-populated with various Paragon head tubes including this one for 44mm headset cups, as well as various tapered head tubes.

Note that while these tapered head tubes are catalogued by overall length, the actual length dimension of the head tube is not stored in the library. If the 115mm tapered head tube is selected, this will bring in the appropriate 87mm taper length required for the 115mm head tube. However, to set the actual head tube length to 115mm, you will need to open the primary dimensions dialog box and set the head tube length there. To better understand the circumstances where the head tube length can be directly controlled, see the video about: controlling the frame by front center, effective top tube, handlebar position or stack and reach.