Installing BikeCAD Pro on Linux

To install BikeCAD Pro on Linux:

Open a terminal window and navigate to where you've stored the downloaded zip file.

Unzip the file and keep the resulting folder intact. If required, move the folder to a safe location for storage.

In the terminal window change the directory to BikeCAD Pro

Inside the BikeCAD Pro directory type the following command line to launch the program: java -jar "bikeCADPro.jar"

The installation process is summarized in the following video:

Making a Desk Top icon for BikeCAD Pro in Linux

As there are so many different Linux distribution and people install software in a large number of different locations, it is hard to make a one icon fits all solution. However, here are a few guidelines for setting up an icon for yourself.

First, download this gif file to use as an icon .

Next, download this file called icon.desktop. Here is the text contained in that file.

[Desktop Entry]
Name[en_CA]=BikeCAD Pro 6.51
Exec=/bin/sh -c "cd ~/BikeCAD\\ Pro\\ 6.51; java -jar bikeCADPro.jar;"
Name=BikeCAD Pro 6.51
Icon=path to Bike CAD Pro/BikeCAD Pro 6.51/icon.gif

This file works on a gnome desktop. You need to update the two lines to point to the place where you installed BikeCADPro. For example:

Icon=/home/userdirectory/Bike CAD Pro 6.51/icon.gif

The line to execute the BikeCAD Pro command has to change directory to the folder where BikeCAD is installed. This is so BikeCAD can find its libraries. So again, in Fedora using Gnome the command:

Exec=/bin/sh -c "cd ~/BikeCAD\\ Pro\\ 6.51; java -jar bikeCADPro.jar;"

should work.

Once you have a DeskTop icon you can drag the icon to the panel so you can have a launcher on the panel as well.