Toe Overlap (ISO standard)

The Toe overlap display in BikeCAD Pro allows us to investigate whether there may be toe overlap in our design. We can choose our own shoe size and shift that shoe forward and back by adjusting the cleat X dimension. We can also observe the effect of adding fenders to our model. While some may be comfortable making their own judgement in this matter, it is interesting to note that the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has their own recommendation for toe clearance. In the Components >> General tab of the Dimensions dialog box, you'll find the dimension labeled ISO 4210-2: Toe Clearance. This dimension measures from the center of the pedal forward to the point at which the tire or fender will intersect that line when the wheel is turned. The ISO lists different recommended minimum values for this dimension depending on whether or not foot retention is employed and also depending on the style of bike being designed. These recommended dimensions are listed below.

Bicycle type City and trekking bicycles Young adult bicycles Mountain bicycles Racing bicycles
Toe clearance without foot retention10089100100
Toe clearance with foot retention89898989