Java (Check if Java is enabled)

This page will attempt to display a basic Java applet below. The applet should display the version of Java you are running. Be aware that most browsers no longer support Java. The free version of BikeCAD does not require Java. However, if you have a strong preference for running the free version as a Java applet you can do that too. You need at least Java 8 to run the free version as a Java applet. You can download the latest version of Java from:

You may not have Java installed or enabled! Check your browser settings and options. Also be sure the "applet tag" is enabled in the Java Control Panel (under Advanced tab)!

Also be aware of recent Java security changes described at:

It is definitely simplest to run the free version of BikeCAD without the Java plugin. If you are having trouble running the free version, be aware that it can take a very long time to load. Even after the loading message has disappeared and the screen is blank, it is likely still loading. Be patient.