Mountain bar bend angle

All styles of handlebars in BikeCAD can be rotated by some angle to fine tune each rider's personal preference. When setting up the dimensioning scheme for mountain bars, an effort was made to minimize the total number of input fields. Therefore, even though mountain bars will often bend forward before sweeping back, the initial dimensioning scheme in BikeCAD had all mountain bars bend straight up before sweeping back. If, as was often the case, some amount of forward bend was desired, one could just use the handlebar rotation dimension to angle that initial bend as needed. The trouble with this, is that we like to think of dimension A as representing the amount of backward sweep in the bars and dimension Y as the total rise. If we are rotating the bars significantly, these dimensions are no longer representative of the actual sweep and rise. To address this issue, in BikeCAD version 18, we now have an additional angular dimension that defines the angle of the initial rise of the bars. The original rotational dimension is still there, but now it can be reserved for the purpose it serves with all other handlebar types and that is to make slight adjustments to the overall position of the bars.