Opening and Saving Designs Online in BikeCAD Pro

Since it was launched in August 2011, the Design Archive on the website has grown to include thousands of user contributed bicycle designs. We can browse these designs by categories based on production style, material, year, size, brand and style. Although, BikeCAD was primarily intended for diamond frame bikes, it's impressive to see how some users have found creative ways of modeling designs such as cargo bikes. If we like, we can click on the username of the individual who contributed any one of these bikes to view other models by the same designer. I've always been particularly impressed with the creativity of this contributor.

It has always been an option to download the BCAD file associated with any of these designs and open the model in BikeCAD Pro. However, a new option in BikeCAD version 9.0 allows us to copy the URL for any BCAD file posted online and read that model directly into BikeCAD Pro from the URL. The URL that we copy can be the direct URL to the actual BCAD file as we would find if we chose to right click on the Download BCAD file link and choose Copy link address or we could simply copy the URL for the information page for any given design.

If we pull up BikeCAD Pro, we can read this model into BikeCAD by choosing File >> Open design from BCAD file on the Web. In the URL text field simply paste the URL we copied from the information page for that model. Click OK and the model will open in BikeCAD Pro. Also new in BikeCAD Pro version 9.0. Is the option to upload a design to the website directly from BikeCAD Pro. To do this, we must first have an account on If we login to our account and navigate to Here, the key that will associate our copy of BikeCAD Pro to our account on will be shown. Simply copy this key and return to BikeCAD Pro and choose View >> Customize. In the Customize dialog box, you'll see the text field labeled Key for saving online. Paste the key into this field and click Save settings. After restarting BikeCAD Pro, you're good to go.

Let's suppose we've worked on this design for a while and we want to upload it to the website either for safe keeping, or to share with a customer. All we have to do now is click File >> Save online. For cataloging purposes, the Notes dialog box is presented to ensure that we have our design properly categorized. If you have sensitive customer information filled out here, you may consider removing it before posting the design online. If you wish to obtain a URL that you can share with a customer, be sure to leave the Publish box checked. If you'd like to add your model to the public design archive be sure to check that box as well.

Next hit Submit and your design will be uploaded. Because I left the Add to public design archive box unchecked, my model does not appear in the Design archive, but it does appear in my account as I can see here. If I click on the design this would be the URL that I would pass on to my customer or anyone else I wish to share my design with.