Pump (adding a frame pump)

In BikeCAD version 13.5, we have a new icon for adding a frame pump. Clicking the include button specifies that the pump will be a part of this project. The eyeball icon can be used to temporarily turn off or on the display.

While more brands may be added in the future, for now all sizes of the Silca Impero pump are available in this drop down menu. Each of these sizes can be compressed up to 3cm to suit different frame sizes.

In the Locate and orient section, we can choose to align the pump with any of the main tubes of the frame. Suppose we settle on the top tube, we can then use the next icon to toggle between any of the four corners of the tube to serve as the reference point for locating the pump. Based on that reference point, we can shift the pump along the tube or offset it some distance perpendicular to the tube. We can also accommodate more complicated fits by angling the pump away from the tube. Finally, we can toggle between four different orientations for the head and handle of the pump.