Seat stays (attaching to seat tube measured from top tube)

In BikeCAD, we've always been able to specify various attachment points for the seat stays. Stays can be located along the top tube, the head tube, the down tube and of course the most common option: the seat tube. When attaching stays to the seat tube, the ends have been located some distance down from the top of the seat tube. Some builders have found this awkward because if they wish to tweak the length of extension of the seat tube, the stays will shift up and down accordingly. There has been a desire to have the ends of the stays located with respect to the intersection of the top tube. In BikeCAD version 19.5, we have a new option which allows for this. Note that for all these attachment options, the distance is not measured along the center of the tube, but rather along the surface of the tube at a point determined by dimension Z.