Serotta Font

When adding logos to various parts of a BikeCAD model, the logo can be displayed using any font that has been installed on your operating system. If you'd like access to more fonts, there are several websites devoted to the sale and distribution of fonts. Still, you may find that many bike brands don't actually use standard fonts. For example, the font used in the Serotta logo is not a standard font. To satisfy all the Serotta fans out there, BikeCAD version 9.0 includes a custom font inspired by Serotta. You'll find this font at the top of the list accompanied by all the other fonts installed on your operating system.

The custom Serotta font includes all the letters of the alphabet, plus numbers 0 to 9. To achieve the non-italicized S often used on the seat tube, simply type the # symbol. To finish off this sample Serotta Legend, we might also choose the Panel and Stays paint scheme and adjust Panel dimensions A, B, C and D for the seat tube and down tube to suit the dimensions of our logo text.