Shimano Steps Electric Drive

In BikeCAD version 12.5, we have the option to add the Shimano Steps electric drive motor to our designs. To add a Shimano Steps motor, click the Drivetrain icon to launch the Drivetrain dialog box. Click on the Gearbox / Motor tab and check the Include box. In the dropdown menu, select Shimano Steps E6000/E6001.

Use dimension A to set the angle for the drive unit.

Some sort of bracket will need to be designed and built to mount the Shimano Steps unit into your frame. In BikeCAD, an attempt has been made to help builders design a bracket that will integrate with their frame design and also align with the mounting tabs of the drive unit. In addition to angular dimension A, we can also adjust bracket dimensions L1, L2, W1 and W2.

If you choose to show the battery in your design, there are currently two options, you can display the down tube mounted type or the rack mounted type. Each can be shifted in position using dimensions X and Y.

All dimensions pertaining to the Shimano Steps unit can be displayed by going to the Dimensions dialog box and selecting Components >> Drivetrain >> Gearbox.