Snapshot in BikeCAD Pro

In BikeCAD Pro version 8, we can take a snapshot of our current design by clicking the snapshot icon. Doing so, underlays an image of our design behind the BikeCAD model. Then, if we make further changes to our design, we will still retain a visual reference to our previous design. Changing the colour on the new design will highlight the differences more clearly.

We can repeat this process as many times as we like. Each time creating a snapshot of our current model and any number of designs that came before.

Be aware that the snapshot tool only creates a bitmap type image stored as a PNG file. It does not automatically save your model in BCAD format. Therefore, if you wish to retain BikeCAD models of earlier designs you should still make a point of saving those files as BikeCAD models using a unique name for each distinct design.

The snapshot tool was disabled in version 13. To re-enable this tool, see:

Turning off the display of the background image, or removing it all together is handled in the same way as imported photos.

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