Standard parts libraries (Adding components to)

Most components in BikeCAD including brakes, cranks, pedals, wheels, forks, handlebars, stems, saddles, seatposts, dropouts and racks can be configured as custom components or they can be selected from libraries of standard parts. To add a component to a standard library, first configure the component as a custom part. As a demonstration, I've referenced specifications from the Thomson web site for their 27.2 x 330mm setback seatpost. Now that the seatpost is configured, I will add this part to my libary of standard parts by clicking the Add to library button, giving the part a name and clicking Save. Now, this part will always be available simply by selecting from the standard seatpost menu.

Standard components can be removed from the library by selecting View >> Customize, selecting the Manage components and templates tab, finding the component you wish to remove from the list and then clicking the trash can.

If a BCAD file containing a standard part is opened by someone else who does not have this part in their standard library, that user will be presented with the option to add this part to their own library. If they choose not to add the part to their library, then the part will be displayed as a custom component.

Although the colors and logos on components like seatposts can be changed and stored in the BCAD file, only the geometry of the part is saved to the standard component library.