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Steelwool bicycles was born in the spring of 2006 when Thom Johnson and Will Ficner, frustrated with the lack of quality steel bicycles, decided to do something about it – founding The Steelwool Bicycle Co., a company dedicated to making high quality, functional, stylish, steel bicycles.

It turns out that they weren’t the only ones who were looking for high quality steel bicycles. Almost instantly, Steelwool developed a loyal following – especially among very discerning cyclists – the employees of bicycle shops.

Since 2006, steel bicycles have made a comeback. We at Steelwool like to think we had a little part of that – and Steelwool has continued to evolve along the way.

Steelwool now has a full prototype-making shop in house – giving us the ultimate control when developing new designs… and we test and refine our prototypes with the help of a dedicated group of cyclists on the Tall Tree/Steelwool race team to make sure that they meet our high expectations.

Our work with North American craftsmen has reminded us of our strengths. That led Steelwool to decide to produce all our products in North America – allowing us to make more innovative products in smaller numbers – helping our economy – giving jobs to our craftsmen – and letting us produce the ultimate bike for you!