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"Lacremò" is a place name. It is the name in dialect of an hamlet of Finale Ligure, Italy.

It is a word that is dear to me since childhood.

The origin of the word  is probably mysterious, perhaps it is referred to a fire, perhaps to an other calamity, it is not clear.

Lacremò is therefore a point on a map, from here my frames will start a trip. It is a thought that I have while working. I do not care where my frames will go, but the hope I have is that they can have a long way.

I currently work steel tubes, but I do not exclude other materials in advance. Steel is the material that allows me more versatility. My frames are handmade one by one and brazed both ways filletbrazing and lugged.

The bicycle for me is basically hard work and sweat. It always asks for them, but in return it gives much: new perspectives, wider space, a sense of well-being and freedom.