Version 8.0 (8.1) Update

BikeCAD Pro version 8.0 is released March 1, 2012.

This page will be updated with additional descriptions of the new features. Here is a summary of some of the enhancements.

  • Zooming is now done with the mouse wheel.
  • You can now export animated GIFs from BikeCAD Pro.
  • Problematic curved tubes can now be identified and resolved.
  • You can take a snapshot of your current design and then make further revisions to your model while retaining the snapshot in the background.
  • Enhanced controls for the stem. Stems can also be saved as standard parts. Miter templates now account for stems as well.
  • Add up to two S&S Couplers on each of the following tubes: top tube, down tube, seat tube, chain stay, seat stay, stem.
  • Enhanced control of racks, including the option to add a front rack, and/or lowriders along with panniers and cargo on top of the rack.
  • Option to model caliper and cantilever brakes.
  • Control the profile of the tire for better investigation of chain stay and seat stay clearance.
  • Add seat stay and chain stay bridges.
  • Additional water bottle cage style.
  • Enhanced control of the seat tube top contour.
  • Linear dimension symbol can be removed from dimension display.
  • Name of dimension can be displayed in drawing instead of numeric value of dimension.
  • Logos can be measured from either end of the tube.
  • The Display dialog box has been removed. Now, the display of each component is controlled from within the dialog box for that component.
  • Several new dimensions including Effective seat tube angle.
  • Embed any BikeCAD design on your own web site or blog.

BikeCAD Pro version 8.1 is released March 7, 2012.

  • Version 8.1 now allows files to be dragged and dropped into the BikeCAD Pro window.
  • New dimensions displaying the clearance or interference between the tire and the front and rear bottom edges of the fork crown.

If you purchased BikeCAD Pro online from the new web site, you should be able to login to their account and download version 8.1 in the same way you downloaded the program after your initial purchase. To review how that works see here. For info on updating BikeCAD Pro while maintaining your previous configuration see here.

If you purchased BikeCAD Pro from the old site, you are encouraged to register for a free account on the new site. Eventually, you will be granted access to download BikeCAD Pro from your account. However, notices about new updates of BikeCAD Pro will continue to be distributed through the BikeCAD Pro Updates Google group which all BikeCAD Pro customers are encouraged to join. Please subscribe by entering your e-mail address in the text field below.

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