Peugeot Typhoon (Model year: 1990)

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Peugeot Typhoon
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This bike is an early MTB sold in France by former bike giant Peugeot. It is built with Reynolds 531 frame (incl stays) and its fork is a Tange CroMo unit. The frame is very nicely finished. I have ridden this bike over 27 years, first as a MTB fit with 26x2.1 tyres, but now I have gradually enhanced it for a mixed use: Trekking and gravel, occasionally MTB when I go pass hunting in the Alps. I carry it loaded with paniers. ISince this is a steel frame/fork, I've added braze-ons for fitting a low-rider, an extra bottle cage (planned) and I also had a bije stand plate brazed-on. It is very sturdy, and handles very well loaded. Never had a problem with the frame but obvioulsly I gradually replaced most of the groupset. It was originally a Shimano Deore LX, of which the FD, the rear hub only remain. The steerer is a 1" unit from TTT, which is quite rare since the front tube is a 34 diameter. The fork crown is therefore MTB sized, but the top part of the headset is a very rare EC 34 with a 1 inch steerer. I love being able to adjust the bar height, which Aheadset does not allow. The rear rack is solidly mounted on brazed eyelets that came standard on the bike. I still use a stainless stell wired rack that ifeels and looks as good as new. (The picture does not reflect that). I tour on a Brooks Professional saddle. My next big project is to rebuild the front wheel on a Shutter Precision dynamo hub. I have't counted the kilometres on this bike it's a very decent number. Done on trails, double tracks, gravel roads and roads (incl. city riding) and also carrying children on a child seat and pulling a children's trailer.

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