boobay dr. snail (Model year: 2020)

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boobay dr. snail
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this is a classic-look race frame that offers very modern characteristics and is made to measure for me, being 1,93 in height. i am however still tweaking here and there so if you want to use the design be aware it is not yet 100%. I ajusted the bb drop a little to make cutting corners a bit more easy to pedal through. for the sake of agility i changed chain stay lenght an steerer angle also. so this is definitely no commuter bike. it is just not as comfy as a off the shelf scott or trek. this thing is designed for taking your chance from within the peloton. rear wheel clearance is minimal but this is intended as i need the rear triangle to be as stiff as possible. this is also why i decided to have minimal slope on the top tube to get the angles a bit more to the stiffness side. have fun with it.

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