Allotec C40 modular dropouts

BikeCAD version 20.0 includes some additional dropouts from Allotec. These are the C40 modular dropouts which actually appear to be identical to the dropouts listed under Nova added to BikeCAD version 14. While the Nova dropout only featured one insert, a Shimano thru axle with a single rack or fender eyelet (possibly also known as the Allotec C43-1), the Allotec C40 has three inserts associated with it in BikeCAD: the C41 which is quick release, the C42 which is a track dropout and the C43 which is a thru axle without eyelets. Just a word of caution when using the C40 dropout, the C41, C42 and C43 inserts may not be as interchangeable as you would like. If the C40 dropout is angled to ensure the slot of the C42 track insert is horizontal, when you switch in the C41 quick release dropout, the slot will be angled backward by 5°. Therefore, make sure when designing around the C40 dropout to set the angle that best suits the insert you intend to use most.