Chainstay dimples or cutouts (adding)

In BikeCAD version 15.0 we have the option to add dimples or cutouts to the chainstays. You'll find this by scrolling down to the Cutouts section of the chainstays dialog box. Clicking the Add button will add a cutout to the tube which if you like could be used to represent a dimple. Cuts on the inside of the chainstays are located by dimension X from the rear end of the chainstay. This toggle button will switch between inside and outside surface of the stay. Cuts added to the outside of the stays are located by dimension X from the front edge of the stay. The size of the cut is defined by D which is the diameter of the cut or by W which is the width of the cut. Finally, dimension H defines the depth of the cut.

To show these dimensions on the screen, in the Dimensions dialog box, go to Stays (auxiliary view) >> Chain stays >> Cutouts.

To temporarily remove a cutout, uncheck the box on the left. To permanently remove it, click the garbage bin on the right.