Version 15.0 Update

BikeCAD Pro version 15.0 was released October 31, 2019. Version 15.0 includes the following enhancements:

  • More built in drawings for various rear dropouts.
  • Add unlimited water bottle mounts to any tube or fork. Also model 3 bolt cages such as Salsa Anything cage.
  • Display chainstay yokes.
  • Display chainstay cutouts or dimples.
  • Add up to three bends in each tube.
  • Extra tubes can now be connected to chainstays and/or seatstays.
  • Additional eBike motors.
  • New method for defining mountain bike handlebars.
  • Drop and bullhorn handlebars can now have a measure of rise.
  • Paragon PP0001 titanium bridge for Pinion gearbox.
  • Chainstays can now loop to connect with seatstays.
  • Saddle rails can now be located from tip of saddle.
  • Show shoe and crank size in toe overlap view
  • Rear derailleur pulleys can now be sized independently.
  • Wheel display can be toggled through 4 levels of detail.
  • Enhanced control of aerobar design.
  • Additional brand logos.

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