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40mm Tires

Good Evening,  I am having a very difficult time getting a 40 mm tire to fit in a frame with clearance (physically and in the software) while using a 175mm crank arm with 36 small ring and a 46 large ring.  425 mm long chain stays. Do you guys have any advice? 


Thank you for your time


Please forgive me if this issue has been addressed in another forum already. 

40mm Tyres

Can you provide your design, Woolley?


Hey bud, thank you for the response.  I ended up making the chainstays 8mm thick and about 38.1mm tall. hahhahaha.  Its not stiff at all...I added a CS and SS bridge plus a bridge for the disk brake.  I talked to an guy that owns a bike shop and he said "if it was easy or reasonable to cram the fat tire and road crank on the frame everyone would do it.  Sounds like a challengin build."  Which is encouging after cutting three sets of chain stays for the thing....

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