Personal Drop Bar Fat V3 (Advanced, Symmetric) (Model year: 2019)

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Personal Drop Bar Fat V3 (Advanced, Symmetric)
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Drop bar bike with 24x4" tires; 177mm spacing with standard rocker inserts; 44mm head tube with 1-1/8" - 1-1/2" tapered steerer; T47-107 BB (100mm shell); 30.9mm seat tube; more to be added

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Correct tire outer diameter for measured (~690mm for Spec Ground Control; more in line with 26x2.8", 27.5x2.25", and 622x38).

Compromise for fender clearance.  Perhaps with the rockers set back a little.  Retain gap in fork.

Adjust BB height for extra low pressure sag with 24x4.0 tire. Probably ~47mm BB drop.

Perhaps correct for pneumatic trail and sag when recommending tires.

BSA83 shell (use RF cranks); 34mm headtube; 1-1/8" straight steerer; 27.2mm seat tube.

Perhaps simplify chain tensioning (consider Surly designs).

Use an EBB for adjustable BB height (44mm min BB drop, to around 60mm max) and chain tensioning for SS, in lieu of a rocker dropout.

Use a flip chip fork, as the TwinTip from Rondo, for adjustable BB height. Requires moving the disk adapter as well.

Redundant with EBB Variant. 

Rondo style would provide only a mild BB height correction, but may use flat mount brakes.

Custom designs may provide more BB height correction and affect trail differently, but would require different brake solutions.  Probably post or even IS mounts.