Fit Advisor: Applying Recommended Dimensions

The Fit advisor is capable of calculating recommended values for several dimensions. A sample of some of those dimensions is shown below:

Fit advisor dimensions

When applying these dimensions to the BikeCAD model, one should be careful to apply them in the correct order. Some dimensions can be applied at any time. These dimensions include crank length, handlebar width, stem length and rider anatomy. Other dimensions should only be set after other dimensions have been applied. For example, the saddle height should be set before applying the rider compartment or handlebar drop as these two dimensions locate the handlebars relative to the saddle position. Saddle setback should also only be applied after the saddle height. Similarly, the seat tube length should be set before the effective top tube length.

If the fit advisor is setup to calculate values for both effective top tube length and handlebar drop, be aware that these two dimensions can each alter one another when applied. However, if you alternately apply each dimension and repeat, they will generally converge on accurate values for each dimension.

Because the rider compartment dimension and the effective top tube length dimension both affect the length of the frame, it is not recommended that they be used together within a single fit scheme as one dimension will just override the other.