Gender removed from Fit advisor

BikeCAD can be used for bike fit in myriad ways. One of those ways is to use the Fit Advisor to recommend frame geometry based on body geometry. An element that has been removed in BikeCAD version 20 is the option to choose between male and female riders. Because while the length of a rider's leg is critical to the fit of the bike, whether that leg is male or female is actually not relevant to the process. In the past, the male and female selection was only used for two things. First, if a fitter were to base a fit off a limited number of body measurements, there was an option to approximate missing dimensions. BikeCAD was equipped to approximate those missing dimensions using gender specific formulas. However, while body proportions such as the ratio of a rider's inseam to overall height will vary from person to person, a rider's gender is not a significant factor when trying to approximate measurements such as these. The only other purpose of the now removed male and female selector was to alter the appearance of the model of the rider, but with only two choices, the result was either a Ken or Barbie figure. Now, in BikeCAD version 20, we have a toggle button in the Rider anatomy tab where we can cycle through 6 different torso types, which can be further refined by adjusting other dimensions in the rider anatomy tab.