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Low Standover Tandem

Finally got time to play with the tandem feature on Version 11. I used a frame I built about 18 months ago as the test.

At that time I had to model the front on BikeCAD, export that image and underlay it beneath the model of the rear. This involved a good deal of tinkering to make the front "chainstays" the stretcher tube and rear "head tube" overlay the front seat tube.

With V11 it's a two minute job. More great work Brent.


The frame itself needed a low rear standover and yet still be stiff enough for loaded touring. The oval rear toptube runs continuously to the downtube and is pierced by the front seat tube and the diagonal brace tube.

Unfortunately the only picture I took is of the uncompleted frame in the vice (I've flipped it to match the BikeCAD model)

Photos of build?

I have a similar issue with a 12" inseam difference stoker to captain.  

Photos of the build?  


Are you the frame builder?



Low Standover Tandem


Yes, I built this, but it was a while ago and I only have the one photo.


In terms of the build there were a couple of assembly issues. The Seat tubes are bulged at the top so don't fit through the hole in the rear toptube. Everything was mitred (by hand, even the through holes, oh for a mill) and the fit checked. The front triangle was built with the rear top tube hanging off the front seat tube which was a bit awkward. The stretcher tube was added, the rear diagonal tube inserted loosely through the rear top tube and then the rear Seat Tube/BB added and then the brace tubes attached.

Then the back end was added.

The one thing I would change, due to the unequal BB Heights, I should have sloped the rear Top Tube to run parallel with the stretcher tube. Purely cosmetic though.


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