Tapered head tubes (mitering to)

Mitering down tubes and top tubes to a tapered head tube can be a challenging endeavour but BikeCAD has a lot of tools for this job. Miter to miter distances along the top and bottom edges of the tubes can locate the miters and BikeCAD's miter templates can be wrapped around the ends of the tubes as a guide for hand filing the contours of the mitres. Miter templates will be accurate even when using tapered head tubes and or ovalized top tubes or down tubes. However, for those accustomed to using hole saws for mitering tubes, there may still be some interest in a preliminary hole saw cut before fine tuning the miter with a template and hand file. While the miter angle in BikeCAD will show the angle at which to set the mill for cutting a cylindrical head tube. New in BikeCAD version 20.0 the down tube or top tube front edge angle will show the angle to set the mill when cutting with a saw sized to match the smallest diameter of the tapered head tube. To help determine what that smallest diameter is, BikeCAD version 20.0 will also show head tube diameters at top and bottom edges of the top tube and down tubes.