Mondraker dingbat
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Video tutorial on applying logos like this in BikeCAD.


I am trying to find a way to download this font so I can use it in a word processor of some kind. I have been unable to locate the name of this exact font or a way to add it to my word processing font bank. 

In an attempt to match a font, I'll often try the What The Font tool at: I tried it with this font, but unfortunately, it did not find any great matches.

What the Font

Most logos are custom designed for the brand and wont necessarily be associated with a readily available font. This logo is built into BikeCAD and can be rendered using the "m" character in the CyclingBrands2 font. Typing m would display the entire logo at once. Individual letters cannot be parsed out and there is no data for letters not contained within the name Mondraker.