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Lina Jari Geometry Upgrade

Hello guys, the last time I used this software was 12 years ago, was it bike tree, or forest? cant remember where I first tried it, 

I have this model, but wanted to fix the geometry of some sizes, size 53 and 50 is ok, we want a size 56 and 59, and 47, trying at best to still make this bike the entry bike for bike shops around, 

there seems to be 1-2 cm different between actual and my use with the program, not sure if it was the tyres or something else, 

I think standing for size 59 is high with 82cm, I think 80 should be the target in our case, looking for your adivce

also size 47 , the stand hieght is 74cm, which I think is also high, also the reach is 523, while my customers did not complain for the reach for some time. 


anyways, here are the files for my sizes, any suggestions, I would appreciate it. 

Attached is a zip files contained the BCAD files, 

Thank you for your help!