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Bamboo fixie for a small rider

ABOUT THE DESIGN This bike I just completed was quite a challenge, but BikeCAD was great to help me get it done. The rider is a very strong racer but he is very small, and we know small bikes are the hardest. Much of the tweaking and compromising had to do with his desire for a specific look which included a smaller rear triangle and a top tube as close to level as possible. Being that his legs are so short we could not afford enough stand over height clearance without some top tube slope. A flat top tube would mean having a ridiculously short head tube, so we worked through the adjustments of slope and head tube length, as well as the seat stay to seat tube junction to make it look right. In the end we finalized a bad-ass looking bike that fit him just perfectly!

ABOUT THE BIKE My specialty is hand made bamboo and carbon fiber frames. Most of my bikes are ridden by professional racers in MTB, Road and Cross, but occasionally I get customers that just want something cool! This bike frame took me about 45 hours of handwork, and I completed the build myself as well.

Seat Tube

Looks like you are making all your frames with carbon fiber seat tubes? Looks great.


Well all my frames are custom but since I did the first carbon seat tube/mast, that's been really popular. I just make 'em what they want.

Since you have a very short

Since you have a very short rider, How long are those cranks, and how narrow is the drop bar?

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