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70cm Tourer

I'm passing details for a custom frame for myself from a fitter to a frame builder.

The seat tube length for this frame is 70cm, with 200mm cranks.

While I'm expecting both the fitter and builder to check the design, are there any subtle issues I should be on the lookout for?

I'd say chain stay length

I'd say chain stay length will be a very critical value here.


With a 200mm crank, and presumably large feet too then there will be interference with normal pannier positioning.


If the rider is very heavy and is planning large loads I'd be tempted by a 142x12 rear axle.  Though at that size the rider may be comfortable running a larger pedal stance then you could even go to a 83mm (downhill bike) BB shell width, use a matching 150mm rear hub, and gain more tyre and mud guard room.  With either of these I'd be tempted to use a 15mm (or maybe even a 20mm) front hub.

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