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Windows pop up under task bar

Hi, great software, thanks for sharing a free version. If i ever get more serious i'll have to upgrade to the pro. 


I run my windows taskbar on the left side of the screen. This is great most of the time and i think makes a lot more sense than at the bottom considering our monitors are now wide screen. The problem is that every window that pops up when you choose to adjust something in bikecad, pops up at the top left corner of the screen, UNDER my taskbar. THis is not an issue for many users who run their taskbar at the bottom, but for those of us with side or top taskbars, it's very obnoxious. Can you change this behavior or is this something within windows?


I'm running windows 8.1

Also, the other problem is

Also, the other problem is that these pop-up windows do not have taskbar tabs, so they can easily get lost behind other things and I have to start minimizing or moving windows around until i find these pop ups. It would be much easier if they either came to the top when the browser had the focus, or if they had their own taskbar buttons.

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